Secure Node error after Reboot "Error opening block database. Please restart with -reindex to recover.."


Much thanks already! :slight_smile:
The site I´m renting the servers from had a maintenance break and rebooted my node. After the reboot I received the usual email that the node is down, but this time it didn´t recover. Logged into the node and issued zend command, but i recieved the following error:

Error opening block database.
Please restart with -reindex to recover.

Troubleshoot :
Rebooted node with sudo reboot command. Still same error.
added -reindex to reboot command, but it´s invalid.

Used the command “zend -reindex” . Block count started from 0 again but it seem to be working again.

Hey Iff,
Is this issue resolved? I’ve got the same problem, with seemingly the same cause (node reboot due to maintenance) and “zend -reindex” doesn’t seem to work.