Secure and Super Nodes - Best wallets to use

I’m a newbie here.

Can you recommend what would be the best most stable wallets to use?
Would there be one with mobile monitor?


Most people who run a number of Secure/Super Nodes favor the Arizen Wallet or the Sphere by Horizen app:

Both offer Batch Split and Batch Withdrawal, which are extremely helpful to Secure/Super Node users.
I am not aware of any mobile wallets with these features that support ZEN. I am very happy to be corrected, if anyone knows of such.


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That would be nice if there is a desktop wallet with mobile monitor like the Ledger Live.
How about Ledger Nano S or X, will this work for the secure or super nodes?

The number of transactions from either mining or staking a significant number of nodes can overwhelm the modest hardware of a Ledger. Ledger states this:

Using a Ledger or similar device to “sign” a transaction initiated by a desktop wallet is being actively discussed.