Scottish Blockchain Meetup

Hello from Scotland, home to and

At present, Scotland is an exciting place to live with companies like Brewdog pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the alcohol industry but more importantly, it’s also home to an ever increasing number of global tech businesses:

4J Studios

All started here!

My proposal is nothing new so I maybe should have skipped the first stage of this process however I thought i’d be best following it as instructed.

I own and operate a crypto mining business here which gives me a good amount of free time and i’d like to put that free time to good use by helping to spread the word about Zen.

So, my initial proposal is simple, i’d like to represent Zen at the upcoming Scottish Blockchain networking event and do my best to ensure that everyone in attendance leaves with an understanding of the benefits of mining, using, staking and supporting Zen.

Our local meetup group has 894 members and each event is usually attended by ~50 people.

Ideally, i’d like to be able to share a small amount of Zen with some of the less enthusiastic attendees so they can see the simplicity of use, low transaction fees, high confirmation speeds etc for themselves. That way i’m not selling it to them, it’s selling itself!

Unfortunately I am too late to book a presentation slot for the event on the 16th however I’ll put a proposal together for presenting at a similar event in due course.


As this is nothing new, I will advance straight to submitting a proposal in the relevant section of the forum.