Represented Horizen @ The Blockchain Conference in Lagos Nigeria


Hello everyone
My name is sanni johnson and i have officially been part of horizen community for some time now.

I started my cryptocurency journey in the year 2016 with filling airdrop, buying ico and selling when listed on exchange. i have hosted tons of horizen meetup in Nigeria and other west African country.
On the 24th-25th of May which was Friday and Saturday respectively, i was sent to represent Horizen @ the Blockchain AI, And Digital Asset Conference in Lagos. The Conference was mind blowing and i was able to meet with top crypto enthusiasts and also share Horizen material with about 50 Attendees, binance community Members and the binance charity foundation -Yongjie Athena Yu
And i also met with other country Ambassadors of Eos, zcash kudi Exchange,scientific coin and the Adviser of Flash coin project Mr James Jr to mention but a few.

![IMG_20190525_175343_2|250x500] Mr Abayomi cryptocurrency expert who show more interest in our Project Horizen
(upload://gINedepA0OOoXjhRQ0BCA6249PU.jpeg) Scientific coin Country Ambassador for Nigeria. Eos Ambassador for Nigeria Mr Samuel Daniel CEO KUDI EXCHANGE Day one @ the Blockchain Conference ![IMG_20190524_103503_6|250x500] Complete Horizen package that I Shared with some of the Attendee
Flash Coin Adviser Mr James Jr and Z Cash Ambassador for Nigeria

Country Ambassador For Aeternity. Binance Angels