[Proposal] ZenCash Video Series


@VoskCoin I am sure you have some video productions in the pipeline. Can I ask that the next one that you do show how to use messaging on the new swing wallet with messaging?

Maybe you end up operating two different virtual machines on your screen each with its own messaging client and you show how to set it up and create the messaging profile and share the messaging profile with somebody else.

Then how to load the messaging z address with three separate transactions and then actual messaging itself.


Just watched this one - awesomeness! You’re really doing a great job with these videos, keep em coming lol - I’ve got a playlist started on my YT for ZenCash videos and I’m adding these and Rolf’s too… :smile:


5/10 videos delivered

How to build a DIY ZenCash Mining Rig


Haha thank you :smiley: really appreciate that and thanks for adding my content to the playlist, to be in the same playlist as Rolf is an honor xD

@Blockops I would be glad to create a video on that, can you send me a exact breakdown of what you’re looking for either here or PM here/slack?


So much amaze lol! :smile: Great job!


haha much thanks such gratitude :smiley:


6/10 videos delivered

Review on the the equihash mining pool Miningspeed’s Zen pool


How to Mine ZenCash on Windows + found block on Luckpool


@VoskCoin I think we need to make some milestone payments for you. Love the videos!


Thanks Rolf really appreciate that, especially from you :smiley:


Can you provide a payment address? And confirm the amount to be paid?



Please send the Zen to znb1iNFP6VctF2AhXLXtMsSjP7emvYDmeXR - the remaining amount is 60
Note I still have 2 videos to post from this series, one’s ready needs a couple final edits and the other is 50% done, both will be posted before and on Wednesday.

Not part of this video series but if anyone is interested as this is a large collection of my video postings, I created an overview video on the latest ZenCash mining pool zhash.pro

The bonus Zen offer has since expired as the pool not only reached their goal of 100k sols but now breached 400k sols, so congrats to @Kosta85 the pool operator


And is it possible to add our zhash.pro pool on zen officail website?


9/10 videos delivered

How to Mine ZenCash on Linux


10/10 videos are delivered, current ZenCash mining profitability / top coin to mine at the time of shooting the video



Thank you for all your hard work. You are a tremendous asset to the ZenCash community.


Thanks my friend I really appreciate, the best part about ZenCash is their community :smiley:


Good idea to make videos, reviews and video marketing… but few topics will be better to use to advertise zencash - example here is topic “ZenCash pool review (suprnova)” and video on youtube "Most Reliable Mining Pool ? Suprnova Review - Zen, Zec, SIGT, LBRY, Decred " :slight_smile: This video is mainly advertisement for suprnova not zencash :frowning: … and more zcash then zencash (because you choose not good momenet to view whattomine where zec is the most profitable… why not choose when zen is at the top, and there were so many such days :slight_smile:

For advertisement for zencash it will be great to make video with topic for example (i did not analyze what people looking for so it is only examle) “What is the best privacy coin - zencash, monero, zcash, dash” and make reviews and choose zencash as no 1.

To be effective (such video marketing) first somebody should analyze what people search in google and in youtube… then make such video and hidden advertisement for zencash… at the end - smart marketing team use seo to take such video at the top10 in google and youtube (for few keywords). Then result for zencash will be 10x better…

but still good job and zencash team should fund more activities lie this but need more carefull choose topics and plan for advertisement.


yeah @VoskCoin seriously awesome job on these videos…we need to get the ZenCash sponsorship of your channel going ASAP!


Would be truly honored :smiley: