[Proposal] ZenCash Video Series


Linked above is my full proposal

Please let me know your feedback and what video content you would like to see.

Video example

8.18.17 - Amendment - bitfire pool review changed to miningspeed pool review.


Cool I love the dog! :slight_smile: Looks like the one from Dogecoin.


Great job on this proposal, very detailed and professional. Looking forward to learning more from you! :slight_smile:


haha thanks, she is a proud owner of her own dogecoin stash, it’s her college fund I suppose


Thank you for the awesome feedback, I’m glad to be a member of this community :smiley:


Proposal approved. Please provide a ZenCash payment address for first payment


Thank you so much for the opportunity and your continued development of ZenCash

Zen address


Does anyone else see a need for a Spanish translation of this video? If so I do know someone who might be able to assist in that area… :slight_smile:


8.18.17 - Amendment - bitfire pool review changed to miningspeed


Lol my son earned a little doge playing an app on his phone, I think it’s called Crypto Gravity, that’s it lol :slight_smile:


@VoskCoin you def have my support for this, as well…love how you’ve jumped right in and brought along the cool Dogedog :slight_smile:


Thank you Rob! Of course I planned to support Zen and believed in it before this proposal – this is simply an awesome bonus :smiley:

ZenCash playlist is up containing the original 4 ZenCash videos, next release . . tomorrow!


1/10 videos delivered :smiley:
ZenCash Mining Pool showdown!


2/10 delivered
ZenMine Pro - Zen Mining Pool Review


haha “hey, you’re not mining…you’re heading for poverty!” <–i don’t want to go to poverty either, good suggestion…


These videos are great! I need to figure out how to make a playlist on the zencash YouTube channel and then embed them in some blog posts to help get more exposure for these great videos.

We can probably do an email to the zencash mailing list to let people know about them also


3/10 delivered
Suprnova mining pool review [Zencash]
Perhaps the most reliable Zen mining pool?


Haha were both just out here trying to make it Rob xD


Thank you Rolf that would be awesome, honored to be working with the Zen community :smiley:


4/10 videos delivered
What is ZenCash?

Video covers the basics of ZenCash, essentially Zen 101