[Proposal] ZenCash – Native Mac Wallet



We are proposing the design and build of a new ZenCash wallet, native to Mac.

We feel the features of the current wallets available for Mac users could be vastly improved, and in addition, we plan to offer some exciting new features not yet seen in other wallets, including Node Management, Automatic Node Deployment, and Language Support.

The wallet will be designed and built with a focus on usability whilst sitting comfortably within the Apple environment.

Our goal is simple, to create a beautifully designed wallet that is not only nice to look at but simple, helpful and easy to use.

Please click the image below to see the full proposal PDF:


We look forward to hearing your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey I have a few questions and comments. I’m also skeptical on the authenticity of this proposal.

  • Is this going to be a full node client or a light client?
  • Will it be coded from scratch or forked from an existing client?
  • Why only Mac OS? Offering windows and mobile support could capture significantly more adoption
  • What kind of long term support and maintenance will you offer? Or is this a one and done?

Just some other comments/concerns.

  • This proposal is hosted on http://studiojelllo.com/ but you claim to be representing http://studiojello.com/ I’m a skeptic so i’ll have to ask you to explain the discrepancy. Slightly mismatching urls are a red flag for scams.
  • I’m probably not alone when I say 2000 Zen seems like a very steep price. Especially with 500 due on acceptance.
  • I’d be interest to see a portfolio of past projects & references, given the above.


Hey @Persona,
Firstly thank you for spending time reviewing our proposal. We totally understand the need for due diligence, scams are definitely abundant in this market and it takes a lot of skepticism to operate within it.

We’ll get a response back to each of your questions soon, but we want to answer them thoroughly to quell any doubts about our authenticity and to properly express our passion for this project and zen in general.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask away and we’ll make sure to get them answered.

Jello Team


Nice catch, seems like this may be a scam to get 500 zen on acceptance and walk away.