[PROPOSAL] Zencash Intro Video



  • 2-5 minute 1080p video
  • inform them of it’s main features and selling points.
  • compare to other privacy crypto’s to show how it fits a niche

5-10 Zen

I would like to make a quick intro video to Zencash. I would aim to make this under 5 minutes in length. This would be used to introduce users to the project and inform them of it’s main features and selling points. I have made something sort of like this for the Cardano Project: https://youtu.be/GuPsDOAUMlY5

I have the software and equipment necessary to produce this and would be happy to do voice if the Zen community would like it (or just music with writing like the vid above). As a sample of the audio quality I can achieve this is the podcast I run for Cardano: https://soundcloud.com/letstalkcardano/004-the-treasury-and-governance-systems2
I will be able to read the doc’s available on the internet to understand the project, figure out it’s main selling features and produce a video that will allow users to understand it.



<5min HD (1080p) Intro Video to Zencash: 7 ZEN

Awesome thanks for submitting this proposal,Jason! I’m all for you taking a stab at it. How about we do 5 ZEN to start and 5 ZEN bonus with good feedback from the community?


That sounds great! Lock it in?


If anyone has any recommendations for background music, fire away :slight_smile:


Look forward to seeing what you come up with.


yeah i’d say go for it! send me a t_address and I’ll get you started with the 5 ZEN…


Awesome. Especially because I started on it a couple of days ago. Haha. It’s looking good, might even finish it today.

Here is my address: znXzz8Rb5bACnMor2mCJpK7QePXVXzACB6L




Okay Rob and @Rowan it’s done. I hope you guys like it. I mostly used the whitepaper for the explanation. Hopefully it’s still relevant.

I have uploaded the mp4 file to my google drive. You can download it from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Pcgm4pXgtRtrroguJN06CogGGL1LZXj/view?usp=sharing

…and if you’re happy to do so, upload it to the Zencash channel. Alternatively, I can upload it to mine and share with the Cardano community through my Podcast (or both). Your call.

By the way, if you guy’s are hiring…https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonwhittle/



Cool video @Gandalf although i’m a little concerned about some of the content you’ve included - do you have permission to use it all? Amongst other things, there is a video from the Guardian Newspaper in there which could certainly cause us problems if we don’t have permission to use it. Newspapers are very funny about their content.

Also, although factually correct, I’m not sure that promoting our roots with ZClassic is such a great idea just now given recent events.

We use and help to improve much of the ZCash core tech but we have come a long way since May 2017 and have already added a whole bunch of our own features and technology in order to really differentiate ourselves as a project that now more than stands in its own right.

My last comment would be that some of the features you mention aren’t ready yet, both an IPFS type system and a domain fronting mechanism are in the pipeline but they aren’t something that we can hang our hats on just yet.

Regardless of the above, thanks very much for taking the time to put this together. It’s ace to see people getting stuck in and making things happen!


I’m glad you think it’s cool @Rowan.

Firstly, I want to say that I’m happy to change things around a bit. Before I do, I’d like to make sure both yourself and @finpunk have given some feedback on what to change. I want this to actually help Zen. I will address your concerns and offer solutions.

I have a basic understanding of copyright law, and kept this in mind as I was putting the video together. Unfortunately copyright law is not like a math formulae, it’s a grey area. I aimed to use objects in a way that would be exceptions to copyright law and fit into the category of “Fair Use”. This is my rationale of why this will fit into ‘Fair Use’…

  1. Something ‘fair use’ takes into account is “Quantitative Substantiality” (the proportion used). I made sure to only use small snippets of those works and did not use any of the audio.

  2. I believe that what I have produced would be considered “Transformative” under fair use (well, a little). It takes original work and changes it.

  3. The effect of the use on the owner (probably the most important). I don’t think what I used will have any effect on the original owners to make money off their stuff. Courts take this into account if it ever get’s there. But I very highly doubt that that the owners will even care. Maybe, as you mentioned, “The Guardian” will kick up a fuss. I don’t think that that particular news provider is one to do so. The only thing I think they could get a little annoyed about is having their logo on a Crypto vid. I can cover it, or if you guys are worried about it - i can replace that whole visual section.

CONCERN 2 - Z Classic
I can remove talk about Z-Classic? This might be a bit fiddly but it can be done. I basically got everything I said off the whitepaper and am completly unaware of these ‘recent events’ that you are referring to.

CONCERN 3 - Unfinished Features
I can see how this can be easily misinterpreted and mislead people. Perhaps I could have a “ROADMAP” badge on the screen for sections that discuss features that are in the making?


Oh. Also I have a question.

The whitepaper mentiones Zentalk and the website mentions Zenchat. Are these different features?


We’ve actually been using them interchangeably…prob need to fix that on our end :slight_smile:


Agree completely with @Rowan’s comments above. Would love to see those mods, but otherwise looks great thanks for doing this! As for distro, it’d probably be more effective to be pub’d to your YouTube account as a nice grassroots community contribution, rather than an official production. We can promote on our end…


Hi @Rowan and @finpunk.

I’ve made modifications to the video and published.

These are the mods:

  • Removed repetitive talk about zclassic
  • Removed any logo’s for other brands/news outlets and reduced external content usage to very clearly fit within fair use copyright laws.
  • Made roadmap items clear by adding a text box indicating a ‘coming soon’ roadmap item.

I’ve just published here: https://youtu.be/LxyYshDsfro

Hope you guys like it.




I have seen the promo/video whatever you call it.
Where is a good place to comment on it, here or in another part of the forum ?


forum here is a good one bc @Gandalf can see right away, there’s the YouTube posting directly, and i’m sure we have it on reddit somewhere if you do a quick search.


Thanks @Gandalf just added to recommended videos from our YouTube account. Appreciate you doing this and helping people understand the project better!


No worries @finpunk. It’s my pleasure to support this project.