[Proposal] ZenCash Blog


Thanks @finpunk! I should have post #3 up in the next day or two! :slight_smile:


Blog Post #3 is up! :slight_smile: http://voskcoin.com/mine-zencash-linux/


Heyyy there! I saw you and Tails on the last video girl - totally awesome lol! I love seeing the whole #cryptofam together :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if your website can be accessed with https instead of http?? I’m not super familiar with how all that works exactlyyy lol, but my super nerd advisers told me about that soooo…

Thank you! And let’s connect this week on a call if you and Vosk are available? Let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support @Itsmee.Bosslady! Crypto Girl Power! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve looked into converting the site to an https, but you’ll have to tell me more about how you converted yours. Let’s connect on Slack!


some sort of crypto-girl alliance forming behind my back :roll_eyes: I should have seen this coming lol
Tails is a feminist too so my only hope for backup is another pup!


Blog Post #5 posted here! http://voskcoin.com/best-zencash-mining-pool-suprnova-v-luckpool-v-minez-zone/

*I skipped Blog Post #4, but will come back to it when I can get more images of the trio build.


Crypto-Girl alliances are the truth lol! And I even know another pup who might have your back lol - Wallace! :smile: Omar and Elle’s adorable pup, I’ve been telling them all about you guys and Tails - we loved when he did the weather LOL! #cryptofam #cryptocouple
Let’s all collaborate on something soon??


Yess I have friends we can call on for help with this - another amazing #cryptocouple lol - Lauren and her other half Logan - they were the ones who came up with the Decentralized CryptoArt gallery! 3D VR Decentralized CryptoArt Gallery


Heyy, if she’s willing we would love to hear some of her insights and opinions on your mining farm! :smile:
I’m involving my kids more in what I do lately, and it’s been cool to get their fresh perspective on things in the cryptosphere.


Just messaged you on slack! :slight_smile:


New ZenCash Pool Review of Miningspeed up on the site!

ZenCash Corner on Voskcoin.com
Blog Post 1: What is ZenCash?
Blog Post 2: How to Mine ZenCash on Windows
Blog Post 3: How to Mine ZenCash on Linux
Blog Post 4: How to Build a ZenCash Mining Rig
Blog Post 5: What is the Best Mining Pool for ZenCash?
Blog Post 6: ZenCash Pool Review (Zenmine.pro)
Blog Post 7: ZenCash Pool Review (Miningspeed)
Blog Post 8: ZenCash Pool Review (Suprnova)
Blog Post 9: What is the Mining Profitability of ZenCash?
Blog Post 10: How to Buy and Sell ZenCash on Bittrex


Awesome job @cryptochick !


Thanks @jane.hk! Hoping to finish up my last blog post in this proposal this weekend! :slight_smile:


Really love your work @cryptochick keep up the good work, looking forward to continuing work…


Totally agree, these posts are brilliant.

Super handy for anyone jumping into Zen for the first time!