[Proposal] ZenCash Blog


My proposal:

Let me know if you have any feedback. Excited to get involved with the ZenCash community!

Here’s my latest How to Set Up ZenCash Swing Wallet & Bittrex post!

ZenCash Corner on Voskcoin.com
Blog Post 1: What is ZenCash?
Blog Post 2: How to Mine ZenCash on Windows
Blog Post 3: How to Mine ZenCash on Linux
Blog Post 5: What is the Best Mining Pool for ZenCash?
Blog Post 8: ZenCash Pool Review (Suprnova)
Blog Post 9: What is the Mining Profitability of ZenCash?
Blog Post 10: How to Buy and Sell ZenCash on Bittrex



Not sure what’s going on with the ZEN doggo, but I’m into it!

Could you share all relevant Google analytics on your blog as part of this?

(Credit @jm9k on Slack for the idea.)


I’d be happy to share all relevant Google Analytics on the ZenCash posts!


I like it! Welcome to our cryptofam lol :slight_smile:


Thanks! Looking forward to getting started!


Here’s my latest post on How to Set Up a ZENCash Swing Wallet & Bittrex!


Hi Neil! Cool idea, but I think you may have posted on the wrong page. If you go to the main home page on the forum, you can post your idea there and tag it as a Request for Proposal.


First of all @cryptochick great proposal, very well done, and we definitely need your talents! Just brainstorming here, but would it be better for ZenCash to bring you on and do this work on blog.zensystem.io or is there more benefit in having it on your own domain that builds its SEO and points to us, thereby indirectly building our SEO?

In either case, it would be very informative and useful to our community and potential new users to find the easily digestible information.

Love that you two are a “CryptoCouple” …my wife and i will be using that term, so thanks!

And awesome you’re a UX & Graphic Design Specialist bc one way or another, whether this project or others, we need that skillset in the community :slight_smile:


#CryptoCouple :smile: I like it!
We use #Crypt0Couple when we talk about Omar Bham ( Crypt0s News ) and his gf Janelle :smile:


Hi @finpunk! I think ZenCash would benefit most from having an outside source (VoskCoin) write tutorials and reviews on a separate site and then link back to ZenCash’s site, forum, blog, and slack. On average, users of a new product view 3 sites before deciding to proceed with a product. I think having a blog separate from blog.zensystem.io will help give another point of reference. Our goal for the YouTube channel and blog is for VoskCoin to be seen as a thought leader in this space.

Of course ZenCash can always share the posts on their sites too! That would actually build SEO even more because the content will be picked up in multiple places. And like I said, we will be linking each post and video back to the ZenCash sites, so it should build your SEO as well as brand recognition!


lol my wife and i (@zenchick aka @zench1ck) want to be added to this #Crypt0
Couple list :slight_smile:


OK i see value in that too. let’s schedule a meeting and discuss further. Sorry this has been such a slow process, crazy couple weeks!


@finpunk where are we at on this? I know this is a great idea. Have we figured out the specifics of the deliverable, timeframe, milestones, and payments?


@Blockops I’ve been in touch with @finpunk! Hoping to get approval from the team to start on these soon.


I haven’t heard back on this and would like to update my proposal as the blog has evolved a lot in the past few weeks! I am now planning on making 1-2 graphics per post. I’d also like to update the proposal to say 500-1000 words per post rather than of 300-500 words. My Google Analytics have been showing people are staying on to read longer posts. We’ve been promoting each post on WordPress, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and now Steemit.


First blog post is up! Check it out: http://voskcoin.com/what-is-zencash/


Blog Post #2 is up! :smiley: http://voskcoin.com/how-to-mine-zencash-on-a-windows-pc/


I am a little bit late, but I really love your proposal !!! I like the first paragraph the most !!! You are like my wife and our mining farm!

We should probably have a lot to say …


Glad we finally got this proposal rolling…love what you’re doing @cryptochick