[Proposal] web site translation


Hi everybody,

I’m mining Zen since a couple of days and want to help your community.

Internet is the best way to spread ideas, even better if available in many languages.
I propose to perform the French translation of the website.

let me know your feedback



Dear Zen team,

I don´t want to post a similar proposal, so I´ll just reply here

I would like to offer you german or croatian translation services using a similar reward model as stated here.

If you´re interested, hit me up.



We’re working on a new website and logo, so perhaps it will be needed afterwards. Wait for someone from team to answer.
Also pardon me asking but due to new exchange rate price might be reevaluated?


Right now as @ajesetave mentioned, The Website is in the process of being redesigned , we will get back to you when we’re done with the redesign, and we can discuss the proposal.