[Proposal] Translate blog post to spanish

Hello I do work for many news outlets online, and would like to give back by doing translation of the ZenCash blog posts into Spanish. I am a native Spanish speaker, and also have been speaking English for the better part of my life.

Would subscribe and get alerts as soon as a new post in English gets published, and translate it into Spanish.I have done work for many other outlets from crypto companies and news.

I would also be working withing the blog of the crypto at blog.zensystem.io

I am not sure if the other languages are payed or not, but I will like to recieve around 1 ZEN per publication.


Thanks for reaching out and offering your time, JZA!

We have a Spanish speaking team member (Angie) so we’ll need to double check whether or not she’s already got this covered before getting back to you.

I’ll be back in touch ASAP.

Hola! @JZA , thanks for the proposal! Indeed translation to spanish is always great and important! We have a payment of $0.15 USD per word as a fair price for English to Spanish , for a high quality translation.

If you wish you could translate any post to spanish, send it to my email [email protected] for approval and then afterwards we will count, confirm & send the corresponding payment to you :).

Thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile:


Thanks I am more interested in participating on the proposal system and the governance proposal way. Is there a way I can get there by creating content?

Hi Angie. I am interested in translating the blog posts at $0.15 USD per word. Please let me know if there are some blog posts that I should start with and I will send a translation to your email. I recently started mining ZenCash and would like to get more involved in the project. I am a native Spanish speaker living in South Florida.

Eli Sabrina

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Hi @esabrina of course! please write me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss more in detail :slight_smile: