[Proposal] The new Mobile Wallet UI/UX and further


@Blockops Hi I’m Thanh.
I’m a full stack developer and a entrepreneur in Vietnam. I have about over 6 years in software development and I’ve build a small company that focusing to develop mobile and web base applications.
Here is my Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thanh-vu-982139a0/

I know about ZenCash project about few months ago. I’m really interested in project.
I have making a proposal to improve Zen mobile wallet, details are bellow file:

The proposal is only a first task which I want to contribute to Zen project. In the future I want to do more such as develop other applications base on mobile and website. Also make ZenCash becomes popular in Vietnam.


Sorry it took me so long to look at this. I like the idea of another mobile wallet design. Thank you for using the proposal template to put together the proposal, it looks great!

I will check back and give you more of an answer soon.


No problem, thank you for your review.


Hi @v2tmobile,

I’d like to deeply apologize for delayed response. We’ve been overloaded and missed stuff. Unfortunately I regret to tell you that we don’t need it for now. But we are definitely open-minded to all new ideas👍 So please feel free to contact us any new proposals.

Thank you very much for understanding.
Take care :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Community Project Manager