[Proposal] SuPeRnOdEs


Ahoy Zen Patriots.

If you read the title of this post as though a 16 year old whenmoon whenlambo wrote it, by golly you know where this is headed.

I’d like to propose for consideration by the community, the possibility of changing the moniker for the 500-Zen nodes from SuPeRnOdEs (hereafter “Super Nodes”) to something detached from the increasingly poor reputation given to MaStErNoDeS. I don’t have an actual name to put forth; simply the notion that an alternative name be selected. Call it Zenfrastructure, call them Heartbeat Servers or Backbone Servers, or come up with some manner of unique product name…just please…no Super Nodes. :100: :+1:t6:


HI @zencashmeoutside,

thank you for your proposal. We appreciate every single idea, every single suggestion, proposal or feeling from community members and it doesn’t matter if it’s from a boy, girl, kid, senior or dinosaur. We all are just human beings with own thoughts which can change the world!

We had a special meeting with leadership to review your proposal and discussed about it for a long time. Unfortunately I have to tell you that we have to keep the name SuperNodes. We understand you worries but in my mother language is a quote: “Even if you would call a rose “the smelly stick”, it would still be a beautiful and nice smelling flower.”

If you would have another idea / proposal in the future, please, feel free to contact us!

Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend😉


fair enough. your project, your bed you gotta lay in.

don’t mind me…i’ll just be kicking myself over here for not having dumped my zen post-binance listing.

sad to see this project have such a shitty stigma attached to it. :frowning:


Well Supernodes are already different from Masternodes. But if we were to change it, i would call it Sidechain nodes :slight_smile:


Well, but they do more than sidechainig if I’ve understood correctly