Proposal Submission for Marketing on



The Mycryptopedia team would like to submit a proposal that we believe can really help the ZenCash community grow.

Here it is:
ZenCash Proposal

Thank you,

Mycryptopedia Team.


I think your proposal is more than reasonable, do you have a link to your social media so we can follow along and share your content please? Look forward to connecting!



Hey, thank you for your reply!

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook :slight_smile:


Hi Mycryptopedia, Thank you for your submission.

Proposal is being reviewed . We’ll get back to you shortly


Great, thank you! :slight_smile:


Do you have any site traffic data for your website? I can’t find any. It would be great to pay ZEN to help ZenCash grow, I just don’t know if you have an audience yet.


Hi Blockops,

The analytics data at the bottom of the proposal, but please find attached another copy.