[Proposal] Simple Miner


Hi there i would like to propose the development of a zen cash easy miner for the gaming audience that finds it hard to setup miners.

here is my proposal.

Thank you in advance


I was also lead dev for 4 years in a nice project with interactive music and the kinect camera



Great proposal , I’ve thought about this since Vertcoin launched their 1 click miner, but you’re even going further with the idea.

What’s your discord username 0x1337 ?


Thank you for your kind words would love to add more :slight_smile:


You also have my support, thanks for taking the time to post this @0x1337 …great way to add to our big push for user friendliness.


Brilliant proposal, look forward to seeing it in action!


Great idea, I would be interesting in mining if it were easier. I gave up figuring it out previously. I would be even “more” interested if there were an option to stake larger quantities for higher reward say above the 1,000 or 5,000 level.


Exactly, ultimately we want foolproof high quality wallet, mining, and sec node software…something as easy as double clicking to install and auto maintenance.


try this free turnkey pendrive mining os. It includes dstm and ewbf for ZEN.