[ Proposal ] Multilingual HoriZen Block Explorer


Hi Horizen Community,

This is Tokenview.com, a multi-crypto currency block explorer.

We released a multilingual block explorer for Horizen, and it provides both the latest block info and some data analysis.

The link is zen.tokenview.com

Would you pls provide us some support so we could marketing Horizen in our community as a partner of Horizen.


Hello and thanks for the support!

What kind of reciprocal support are you looking for?


It would be nice if you could add our explorer to horizen website and coinmarketcap page.

Social media mention are also welcomed.

With above help, we can also marketing horizen in our community to expand the influence both of us.

Besides, we can also add horizen to the wallet we developed. For the wallet partnership, would you like to grant us some coins?



I posted about this on Bitcointalk, and I will add your blockexplorer to our Ann page on Bitcointalk.

Also I must advise you to create an account on Bitcointalk.




Hi MedaR,

Thanks for the post and efforts!

Btw, would you like to help us fill this form of Coinmarketcap? So they may update the Horizen page and add the explorer.

The only Horizen explorer on Coinmarketcap page supports only English, which may cause some inconvenience for the users worldwide.

Thank you


We cannot ask this from the third parties, they don’t have any obligations toward Horizen. They posted official block explorer, and we cannot change this.

As I said we can provide you full support on our social networks, and forums.



It would be appreciated if you can promote zen.tokenview.com in the social network like Twitter or Facebook

Just @tokenview2018 in Twitter or Facebook if that could be arranged.