PROPOSAL - Money NOW Network - Texas Bitcoin Conf. After Party


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We were excited to hear that @Blockops will be presenting at The Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin this year OCT 28-29…

Lauren and I were also asked to help coordinate the event and we’ll be working behind the scenes with the organizers Paul & Linda Snow. We’ve also teamed up with several of the other presenters and sponsors to host the official after parties for both nights - - we’re really excited and wanted to make the most of this opportunity to connect in real life…

We’re only a few days into planning the official after parties, but we’ve got quite a bit lined up so far…Here’s a link to join the Meetup Group where we’re going to share updates and content…

The 3D Decentralized CryptoArt Shows have been very successful, the most recent one sponsored by ZEN allowed us to open 50 new ZEN wallets in a week!

During that time we’ve also been providing valuable tech support and hand holding for our new community members - - -the majority of whom had never even heard of ZENCASH before, but are now becoming active participants on Slack, the forum,FB, Twitter, Instagram and Steemit!

Not only are they telling all their friends about ZEN and our VR CryptoArt Shows, but about 5 people so far want to learn how to run their own secure node - even though they’ve never done anything like that before lol! :smile:

Secure Nodes for Newbs

Now we would like to keep the excitement going by distributing more ZEN over the next few weeks, and developing new and creative ways to build strong relationships with EVERYONE coming into the space - -The pioneers leading the newbs, the kids and even the pets like Tails lol! @cryptochick & @VoskCoin - are you three in??

We’ve got started already by creating a Preferred Partner List containing names and contact info of our peers who are offering products or services in exchange for cryptocurrency, including ZEN!

Although we’ve barely started adding Partners, we estimate we’ll be able to add at least 100 more new ZEN wallets to our list over the next 2 weeks.

One person who should also be at the conference is @fittsy - - Ben I hope you’re still doing swarm city/arcade city ride sharing for the event, Danny Sessom with the Crypto Radio Show is working with us on this as well as Jason King from

TX Bitcoin Conference RIDESHARE Group on FB

( Lauren and I are Brand Ambassadors for both Swarm City and Unsung )

We have BIG things planned for the after parties, and would love to have ZEN front and center in as many ways possible…Ideally our team for this proposal would consist of around 10 people from the ZEN community like those I’ve tagged in this post and those in our original Money NOW Proposal who are able to accommodate those dates.

Original Money NOW Network Proposal

The entire weekend will be opportunity after opportunity to connect with like minded peers and grow our decentralized economy - especially with our new mobile wallet, we’re loving it -
thanks again for all your time and work @kendrick!

Any thoughts???

Money NOW Network Presents: Decentralized CryptoArt Shows Texas Bitcoin Conference - OCT 29, 2017

@Itsmee.Bosslady Of course! How can we help?


Thanks for replying here so quickly, glad we were able to connect! I sent that email invite to join our Trello board and can’t wait to see you work some organizational magic lol :smile: #Scrum #LikeABoss
Please feel free to add to what we have and edit as you see fit, thanks again girl!


I clicked around a bit! I have some tips that might make it easier to keep track of your tasks and their progress, but I’ll see how you guys use it for a little bit and send over some thoughts soon!


Sweeeeet! Thxxx again


I added the official proposal to the top of my original post, take a look if you have a moment please - and lmk if we can add you to the team for this weeks campaign - SCRUM Mistress perhaps lol?? :slight_smile: #cryptochick #cryptofam


It was great to meet you at the conference Ben!

There’s Danny at the conference…

You can’t see it in this picture but our friend Dmitry Rassah of Mycelium wallet is wearing a shirt from #HackHunger


This time we got my daughter Alyse involved - and delivered these meals after our Decentralized Crypto Art Event…


We had some signs made for this event, and we took care of the ZEN banner that we got from Rolf…