[Proposal] Meetup in Venezuela


Hi everyone.

With this proposal I want to start the growth of Horizen in Venezuela, starting specifically in the Trujillo State located in the Andean region, through the realization of this first meetup that will lead to the development of successive events oriented to the growth of Horizen.

Venezuela has a population of over 30 million and has a legal framework highly favorable to cryptocurrency, which represents for Horizen, a great opportunity and a step forward in its growth in Latin America.

Below I leave the proposals in Spanish and English:

Español_Meetup en Venezuela.pdf (259,2 KB)

English_Meetup in Venezuela.pdf (341,7 KB)

Great things will be carried out here in the country for the Horizen ecosystem.

Any questions or suggestions, please let me know.



Hi @Jorge,

thank you for your proposal. I will review it as soon as I can.

Have a beautiful day.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Hi, Kamila,

Ok thank you, I’ll be attentive.

Have a good day.



Hi @Jorge,

I’ve read your proposal. To be honest we never pay to people we haven’t worked with before receiving of deliverables. I have to double check it with head of LATAM team if it’s possible from their side to pay before the meetup.

Also you’re asking for $130 / meetup room / one day. It’s very expensive. Would it be possible to rent this room eg for 3-4 hrs (and reduce the price) or arrange the meetup in some cafeteria / restaurant and have the place for free?

Thank you for your response.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager


Hi @Kamila ,

Regarding the multipurpose room you’re right, the problem is that the rent is for a day to avoid problems of clash between customers for non-compliance or delay since this implies personalized setting, for this reason the rent is for one day for a client. I wanted to do the meetup in this way to make a presentation where, through audiovisual material, I could explain what was related to Horizen.

However, it is totally possible to do the meetup in a cafeteria or restaurant, this would undoubtedly reduce the costs by doing it in a free space, said meeting would then take place as a conversation and debate. Replacement expenses would also decrease in the same proportion, leaving $ 6.

By making this modifications and maintaining the rest of the standards described in the original proposal, the total budget would be $ 156.

It is entirely possible to do it this way.

Now, this change would imply that the giveaways would be altered. The original idea was that $ 7 would be awarded in Zen to each person to use $ 2 in the raffles and they will have $ 5 left for the use that each person wants to give him.

Doing the meetup in a cafeteria or restaurant, would imply that the $ 5 that would be left to each person, would be used in the acquisition of a coffee or any souvenir that they wish.

In this sense, it would be possible to increase the giveaways from $ 7 to $ 10? This is with the intention that they spend $ 2 in the raffles, spend $ 4 or $ 5 in the cafeteria and have $ 4 or $ 5 left for the use they want to give.

If so, the total budget would be 216$ Please let me know if this is a viable option.

The idea that people keep a small amount of Zen is to become familiar with the crypto and go replicating this to the people closest to each of them since this meetup will start later events.

Thanks for your effort, if there is any doubt or suggestion, do not hesitate to let me know.



Hi @Jorge,

thank you for your response.

Generaly price $300 per meetup in Venezuela is very expensive. It’s not a secret a price of 1 ZEN isn’t high and we have to operate with the same funds. They’re not grow. Therefore, we can offer you this calculation:

  • 3 USD / person / meetup x 20 people = 60 USD (these funds are used for refreshments like coffee, juices or sandwiches etc),
  • 20 USD for commissions for conversion of ZEN to local currency (we never pay for this but I understand it’s can be complicated in Venezuela right now),
  • 10 USD for 1 T-shirt with Horizen logo.

Total budget 90 USD = 5,6 ZEN (proposal was submitted 2018/09/15 when price was 1 ZEN = 15,99 USD).

Also we never pay for meetup before the meetup. We always pay after receiving the deliverables.

The deliverables should be:

  • photos from meetups with attendees (at least 5) for promoting on our social media,

  • one or two 1 minute video record from the meetup,

  • sharing of our hashtags (eg #horizen, etc) on social media by attendees (hashtags are dependent on kinds of social media).

I’d like to ask you if it’s convenient for you or not? Currently we’re not able to pay more. I deeply apologize for that. However, the market forecast isn’t so positive we work as hard as we can to change it. But sometimes we have to be humble and patient as well. I hope you understand our situation.

Please, let me know your thoughts.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Hi @Kamila,

Do not worry, I understand that currently the market is not favorable.

The idea is to start making Horizen known.
The realization of the meetup under these new parameters will be something different from the original proposal, however, is possible to do it in this way.

Due to the dates, the date of the meetup would have to be postponed for the following week to make the shirt and coordinate the meeting.

Thanks for your effort, if there is anything else, please let me know.



Hi @Jorge,

thank you very much for understanding.

This proposal is approved. Total budget is 90 USD (5,6 ZEN) and deliverables are photos, video records and sharing hashtags on social media (more details in my post posted on 2018/09/24).

Payment will be sent after receiving of all deliverables. Please, post your address here. Transaction link will be posted here as well.

Once you know the date of meetup, please post it here. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Hi @Kamila thanks for your response.

The meetup will take place next Friday, October 12.

Once finished, the deliverables will be published.



As an update, this meetup was postponed to Friday, October 19th.



Hi @Jorge,

my big apology for late response. I’ve been ill.

No problem if you’re meetup has to be postponed. Please, don’t forget to take some pics and short video record from your meetup.

Thank you and good luck!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Hi @Kamila

Do not worry. Regarding the taking of photos and video recording of the meetup, count on that.

Thanks for your support and for your good wishes.



Hi @Kamila

Here some pictures of the meetup

The video will be uploaded as soon as it is finished editing.