[Proposal] Logo animation for future video projects


Hi! My name is Leroy and i do animation.

So far i’ve got experience with creating content for different type of crypto companies but always looking for more to increase my portfolio. ZenCash looks like a solid next step, i’ve become very excited about it by talking to one of your country reps.

This is a first concept for ZenCash i made. I tried to make it fit with current brand design.

I can provide a wide variation of animation videos that explains the tech or the processes of ZenCash.
With a proper brief and support on the technical nature of the content, I’d be thrilled to work with you to produce some branded content.

I’m looking forward to the communities reaction and ofcourse the team of ZenCash :slight_smile:

With kind regards,
Leroy aka CryptoLee


Love what you’ve done so far.

I very much looking forward to seeing a proposal for further work - if you need help, we have a very brief guidance doc here: Proposal Submission Guidance