[Proposal] Horizen Sponsorship for Crypto Conference in Tokyo



With privacy becoming an integral part of our daily life and with big corporations and governments having the ability to access our personal information, I believe securing total control of our digital footprint is absolutely essential to living a free life.

Combined with the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, I view Horizen as one of the few cryptocurrencies that has the technology, the team, and the roadmap to accomplish the above goal.

In this context, Japan is a country that is quite proactive in terms of the adoption of cryptocurrencies, having recognised Bitcoin as a legal tender and boasting a huge BTC/JYP trading volume. Consequently, encouraging the use of Horizen in Japan with its native token (ZEN) and decentralised privacy platform would be an important step in promoting the value of privacy in Japan and making Horizen a worldwide, decentralised project that spans across borders.


Along with the country representative for Japan, Sebastian, and a long-time Horizen supporter based in Japan (@kn39kn39 on Discord), I'm planning to host a Horizen booth at a major crypto conference held in 10/21 at the heart of Tokyo where many influential speakers in the industry, including @kn39kn39 himself, will be invited to talk about diverse topics on the crypto space.

Over 400 people are expected to attend the conference, making it an ideal place for us to promote Horizen to crypto enthusiasts in Japan.

Deliverables and Budget

Setting up a booth, however, requires applying for a sponsorship of the event and there are several sponsorship programmes available. The one we are aiming for is the Startup tier, which costs ¥50,000 ($446; USD/JPY = 112($/¥)). However, since @kn39kn39 is also an organiser of the event and is a Horizen supporter, the price might be negotiable.

We would also like to hand out or sell some Horizen merchandise at the booth. For this, we would like to have the following items:

Some posters/banners for the booth would be nice to have as well.

In addition, I would need my travel expenses to be covered:

  • Train tickets (return ticket: ¥18,000 ($160))
  • Hotel fees (1 night: ¥8,000 ($71))

Upon approval of this proposal, I will start preparing a blog article (ideally on the Horizen's official blog) to let people know about the conference and the booth we are hosting. I also aim to create a comprehensible guide of the Arizen wallet manual and the Coinomi mobile wallet in Japanese, which will be published on Horizen promotional website created by @kn39kn39. The goal here is to familiarise people with how to send, receive, and store ZEN in a secure and convenient manner and have them be able to spend ZEN at the booth to purchase the Horizen merchandise.

Once the conference is over, I will publish another blog article (ideally on the Horizen's official blog) to report on what will have happened at the conference and the booth along with some photos.

For the above effort, I'd like to request ¥11,200 ($100).

In total, the total budget will amount to the following:

$446 (sponsorship (conference ticket included)) +
$222 (Horizen merchandise (shipping rate excluded)) +
$231 (travel expenses) +
$100 (blog articles and wallet user manuals)
= $999

Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Taiga,

as we’ve already discussed on Discord. This is big amount of money and our funds are currently limited regarding the market conditions. Please, give me time. I working on reviewing of this topic.

Kind regards,


This proposal was successfully finished. All details had been discussed via call before. Pictures were posted on #meetup channel on Discord.

TX link is here:


Fig. 1: From the left Sebastian Dienst, country representative of Japan (in a polo T-shirt), next to him is Taiga Ikuta, former country representative of Japan and loyal Horizen community member.

Many thanks to Sebastian and @Taiga for their support and participation. Also many thanks to @kn39kn39 for his support and being such a great community member!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen




Thank you @Kamila for having approved this proposal.

Also, my special thanks go to the superb Japanese community member @kn39kn39, who made the execution of the proposal possible.

Below are the links to the user manuals of Coinomi and Arizen wallets for the Japanese community, which were proposed as part of the deliverables.

Coinomi: https://dononode.com/coinomi-mobile-wallet-user-manual/

Arizen: https://dononode.com/horizen-zencash-arizen-wallet-usermanual/


Awesome to see this proposal went through! And congratz for making it happen! Let’s make Horizen everywhere in the world!