Proposal for Decentralized CryptoArt Show - Money NOW Network


Here is a link to our proposal, thank you for your consideration!

Decentralized CryptoArt Show - OCT 5, 2017

Update for Decentralized CryptoArt Show on OCT 5, 2017

Proposal looks good. Very creative, should be effective in promoting ZEN.


Thanks, we do our best!
I’m going to send out invitations through the Meetup app and post links to the live streams. If everyone could share and please participate that would be much appreciated!

We’re building up to the Texas Bitcoin Conference on OCT 28-29, where we’re working behind the scenes and hosting 2 after party events - one will be a VR CryptoArt show like this, and also one for the Women In Blockchain.

Thanks for the support everyone, go ZEN!


The event went well overall, we added over 60 new members to the meetup group so far - who are all opening up their first ZENCASH wallet! :slight_smile:

The Timerliit/Xolo Testing Meetup Group

Timerliit, GL
2 Xolosie

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Check out this Meetup Group →

We’re getting the word out through blog posts like this one by Elle Marie - it has almost 500 views so far…

We will continue to promote our partnership this week, notably at BlockCon in Santa Monica …

PROPOSAL - Money NOW Network - Texas Bitcoin Conf. After Party

The weekend was a great success! At the after party we opened up new mobile wallets, gave out t-shirts/swag, and all the artwork was paid for using crypto.

We added several people to our list of Preferred Partners who now accept crypto as payment for their services. Like this Tarot Card Reader…

And another girl did some amazing Henna - my daughter Alyse was her best customer that night lol!

We collaborated with Potato Face VR to create a unique experience not just for gamers and crypto enthusiasts, but we actually had people coming in off the street - because they said it just looked like a lot of fun!

3D Matterport Gallery

Paul Puey and the Edge team ( Formerly AIRBITZ ) came out and hooked us up with this cool LED wall outside the event

Kenn Bosak was able to record content and stream live from the event in 360, so it feels like you’re there in person when you’re watching the videos…

Joseph with gave out leather hardware wallet cases, and was giving interviews and providing bitcoin education the whole night…

When the event was done, we packed up the leftover food and brought it to feed the homeless as brand ambassadors for

Bitcoin donations accepted at our website, plan to add ZEN next…

We’re looking forward to this month’s event, tentatively booked for NOV 17 in Las Vegas… Keep you all posted! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support ZEN fam!


Next month’s event in Miami at the North American Bitcoin Conference!