[proposal] expand german team Nov. 2017


Hi my name is Arno Pfefferling, who did not know me just check the recent interview :slight_smile:

I would like to hand in the following proposal:
Get first experienced developer and project engineer from my region onboard for german market. Support of upcoming use-cases in energy sector and educational area.

My suggested developer (Leonid S. *link removed) will contribute to github in a self-initiated way. Furthermore he has Java: „Master“ certificate from „Brainbench“, „KnowledgeBlackBelt“ and C/C++, Assembler, Delphi certificates as well as various SQL database background. My suggested project engineer (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippe-fürst-166a85147) has strong entrepreneurial skills and management experience in the construction industry. Under my guidance both will help to create use-cases, which will be used for public media and IT magazines similar to scientific flavor journals like Journal of Operations Management or IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. The hiring for ZenCash german team will be in a project based manner meaning limited for a time period of 3 months beginning by 1.11.2017.

Increase industry relevance of ZenCash and it’s abilities for business confidential processes, e.g. customer end to end information sharing. Show in use-cases the capability of implementation of Zen blockchain, e.g. student result slips via DLT. All the work should create cooperation space for growing detailed projects or at least give a prototype result (proof of concept) for white papers a/o articles in media.

This section provides firm items that you will deliver.
At least one new github project based on current Zencash ressources
At least one new industrial partner for Zencash
At least three media articles about projects / use-cases / cooperations

This section answers the question when will you complete key milestones.
Deliverable 1-3: within three months starting from 1.11.2017

The cost to get this work done is shown below:
Itemized Costs
Networking with local blockchain partners (hosting costs: https://dresden.impacthub.net/)
Total 15 ZEN Sum for three meetups

Personal Costs
50 ZEN / month / developer on basis of 10 h / week
50 ZEN / month / project engineer on basis of 6 h / week
In total 100 ZEN per month.

Latest price development of Zen shows how high the trust in Zencash team and the underlying technology is. This implies the need of successful business projects and results of integration possibilities of Zen. Here the german team wants to show outstanding performance and has good starting points, since blockchain technology is accepted from big german companies like Telekom, Porsche, Bosch.

If we look at recent Ethereum development (zk-SNARK state channels) and see the continuous R&D efforts from ZCash (ZEC) the major point of privacy in Zencash mission needs more attention build by practical examples like use-cases, cooperation feedback and positive user comments about project work. For this i need to expand my team and be proud to suggest the above mentioned persons.

Please give a vote and thanks Arno


This is awesome @mrceebo i completely support it. Great initiative to build out new areas for the project!