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Cripto Conserje

2018 Business Plan Outline

  • General Overview and Background
  1. Description (TLDR)
  2. Overview
    -Goal Statement & Key Objectives
    -Crypto Overview
    -Regional Analysis
    -Key Partners
  • Project Description

    1. Scope
    2. Deliverables
    3. Schedule
    4. Budget
    5. Itemized Costs
    6. Terms
    7. Payment Schedule
  • Additional Notes
    -Customer Pain Points
    -Timeline (Project Milestones and Schedule)
    -Market Adoption Strategy

  • Exhibit “A”

  • Exhibit “B”

General Overview and Background


Cripto Conserje will drive adoption of crypto payments for merchants in LATAM through POS hardware, training, and customer support. Cripto Conserje goal is to help Cúcuta, Colombia become the first city in the world to reach 50% crypto adoption, meaning that 50% or more of the local merchants have a crypto-enabled POS (point of sale) system. Developing a framework for cryptocurrency merchant adoption entering different cities in LATAM.

Goal Statement:

We believe cryptocurrencies can provide economic stability to LATAM, particularly in places such as Venezuela where communities are suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine, a worthless currency and an oppressive dictatorship.

In order for crypto-adoption to take place, local merchants must be trained and encouraged to accept crypto as a form of payment. This requires a multi-faceted approach.

Program [Purpose] Process

Education [Build Customer Base]

  • Educational Material
  • Training Videos
  • Training Programs
  • Help Desk
  • In Store/ Location Marketing

Hardware [Build Infrastructure]

  • POS Tablets for Merchants
  • Wallets
  • Hot and Cold Storage Devices

Business and Financial Services [Build Economy]

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Fiat Exchanges

Applications [Build Value]

  • Toshl (Accounting)
  • Custom Point of Sale tool
  • Exchanges

Key Objectives:

Short Term

Onboard 100 merchants with training and POS hardware for initial pilot program
Set up 300K paper wallets for people living in Cúcuta
Deploy online test for cryptocurrency knowledge with automatic AirDrop to 100 wallets funds and test user experience

Long Term

Achieve +50% crypto adoption in a major city
Provide support and aid to economically distressed populations living in Cúcuta, Colombia, especially Venezuelan refugees
Prove crypto currencies are a workable form of digital cash
Establish a successful and safe business operation that is can be easily replicated

Regional Overview:

Venezuela, once the richest country in Latin America, is now embroiled in a political and economic collapse. Venezuela’s crisis has impacted neighboring Colombia and Brazil and the greater LATAM region. It is precisely because of the dire situation across LATAM, that this region is one of the most interesting testing grounds for blockchain use cases in the years to come.

Colombia is one of the countries in Latin America where more volume of Bitcoin is negotiated. Despite the high volume of crypto-trading, few business in the area accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. There are several explanations for this:
Lack of trusted crypto-friendly institutions to help set-up POS systems and services
Precarious regulatory environment from local and national government in Colombia
High volatility in the market of cryptocurrencies with respect to the dollar

Cúcuta, Colombia is a border city with 300,000 Venezuelan refugees. Our vision is for Cúcuta to be the first city in the world with 50% crypto adoption. Our goal is to increase liquidity to this economy through the use of crypto-currency. This will not only provide humanitarian relief to the region but also encourage crypto-adoption and economic activity.

The Venezuelan diaspora in Cúcuta presents a unique opportunity for this type of project. Typical crypto asset volatility pales in comparison to the high currency inflation of the Bolivar. A decentralized-trustless system is perfect for a population that has lost total faith in their corrupt and incompetent government. The need for a decentralized currency in Venezuela is obvious. Our goal with this project is to align the right economic incentives to encourage self-governing communities and projects, as well as the right education material and leadership to gain the interest of regional communities.

Key Partners:

ZenCash is the ideal partner to pilot this type of program for its commitment to privacy, continuous R&D, and a vibrant community-supported governance system. ZenCash shares our mission of leveling the economic playing field through technology.

Activos Digitales is an exchange service located in Cúcuta that has experience in the negotiation of cryptocurrencies, software development and exchange of fiduciary currencies.

UnitedTechV is a startup with a team of engineers that offer full stack services including IOS & Android App Development, Professional Servers and Files Encryption, but mainly focus on Blockchain, we create Mineable and Non-Mineable Cryptocurrencies & Tokens.

CryptoUnidos facilitates over-the-counter trading of local currency in Latin America working for the most popular cryptocurrencies, users post advertisements on the website, where they state exchange rates and payment methods for buying or selling Cryptocurrencies using Escrow Mechanism.

Project Description:
Scope: Cripto Conserge, in partnership with local developers like Activos Digitales and UnitedTechV, will launch a three-pronged approach to increase crypto adoption in Cúcuta.
Onboard 100 local merchants to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. We will do this with training and POS hardware.
Set up 300K paper wallets for people living in Cúcuta
Deploy online test for cryptocurrency knowledge with automatic AirDrop to 100 wallets funds and test user experience

We have local partners who can develop and improve products based on feedback from the users (both merchants and customers). We will purchase and ship all the equipment to Colombia and begin a pilot program with 100 merchants before scaling to larger audiences.

Deliverables and Schedule:
(all deliverables are within 90 days of proposal acceptance unless otherwise noted)

  • Merchant Deliverables

    1. 100 Tablets with POS software
    2. Amazon Fire preloaded with ZENCash Official Wallet, ZEN Educational Videos, X Amount of ZEN
    3. 1-hour In-Person Training Session format
    4. Marketing Collateral (in-store stickers, crypto-merchant maps, fliers, etc…)
  • Customer Deliverables

    1. Secure Website to sign up for paper wallets
    2. Secure Mobile app the access the wallet
    3. Local office to print and deliver paper wallets
  • Pilot Program (upon completion of Merchant and Customer Deliverables)

    1. 100 day report on user feedback, merchant adoption, and key takeaways

The initial phase of this project will cost $20,000 USD. These funds will cover developer costs, hardware, shipping and merchant training sessions.

Itemized Costs - Total Costs Requested

  • 100 Tablets with POS software $100 per tablet - $10000 USD
    • $40 for tablet
    • $20 for case
    • $30 for software installation
    • $10 for shipping
  • Website and Mobile App - $5000 USD
  • Marketing Collateral - $2500 USD
  • AirDrops - $2500 USD

** Total - $20,000 USD


  • 100 Tablets $10000 Upon proposal acceptance 30 days
  • Website / Mobile App $5000 Upon proposal acceptance 30 days
  • Marketing Collateral $2500 After completing tablets, website and mobile app 74 days
  • AirDrops $2500 After distributing marketing collateral 85 days

Additional Notes

Customer Pain Points:
Cripto Conserje focuses on helping local merchants setup and manage a crypto-payment solution. We address our customer’s key pain points through our three-pronged approach.

Program [Pain Point]

  • Processes

Education [Unfamiliar with technology, particularly crypto-wallet management]

  • Educational Material
  • Training Videos
  • Training Programs
  • Help Desk

Hardware/ Software [Lacks access to hardware systems and solutions to accept crypto-payments]

  • POS Tablets for Merchants
  • Wallets
  • Hot and Cold Storage Devices
  • Payment App

Business and Financial Services [Expand customer base, capture wider market, convert digital assets into fiat]

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Fiat Exchanges
  • In Store/ Location Marketing


Market/ merchant adoption is our primary objective. Establishing security and sustainability for a crypto project means getting off the exchanges. The evolution from being a “trader coin” or store of value to being a daily use currency means building belief at the intersection of supply and demand.

We are proposing a project that empowers local merchants to use crypto. Our services include:

  • Phone App: Custom POS, Toshl, see Key Partners for more details
  • POS Tablet Preloaded w Crypto Apps and Intro Videos
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Educational Material: in the form of training videos and in person programs
  • Advertising and Marketing
    • Merchant Maps, filter by type (drug store, markets, etc…)
    • In Store/ Location marketing of Crypto POS (use of QR stickers in retail)
  • Live Support and Helpdesk for crypto asset management.

Future services include:

  • Help Desk for clients and merchants (regarding issues with wallets, exchanges, etc…)
  • Consulting and continued education (such as crypto asset management courses, walking the client through things like staking, masternodes, and automated trading such as index strategies.lending, etc…)
  • Fiat Exchanges as a service at POS


  • April 2018 -
    R&D team begins developing a proof of concept and engaging with experts in the area of money exchange and cryptocurrencies
    • Market Research
      • Determine market share adoption process
      • Identify need for crypto POS solutions with merchants
        • Example: Food, Medicine, Housing
      • Critical adoption locations include Markets, Pharmacies, Landlords
  • July 2018 -
    Initial testing with pilot program (2 months) where a small group of local merchants will use an MVP of product and airdrops will deliver currency to local wallets
  • September 2018 -
    Pilot program ends, improvements and feedback integrated to official payment network and POS solutions are open to all interested local merchants

Market Adoption Strategy:

Establishing security and sustainability for a crypto project means getting off the exchanges. The evolution from being a “trader coin” or store of value to being a daily use currency means building belief at the intersection of supply and demand.

  • Determine market share adoption process

    • Identify need for crypto POS
    • Food
    • Drugs
    • Housing
  • Critical adoption locations

    • Markets
    • Pharmacies
    • Landlords
  • Establish Zen Secure Nodes as a method of cash flow and volatility mitigation for the client, while growing the network in Colombia and later LATAM of nodes as well as users of the Zencash platform.

Conclusion & Desired Outcomes:

Cripto Conserge’s project is aligned with the mission of the ZenCash Foundation of contributing to humanity through innovation. ZenCash will gain brand awareness and user adoption in the emerging crypto-market of LATAM. Ultimately, Cripto Conserge hopes this project will alleviate the humanitarian and economic crisis faced by the people of Cúcuta by giving them an alternative payment system. Finally we hope this project turns into a blueprint for entering different cities in LATAM.

Exhibit “A”


  • Social Media

    • Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    • YouTube, DTube, Twitch
  • Crypto Exchanges

    • Local P2P
    • Local Centralized
    • Decentralized
    • Mobile exchange

Custom Case Examples:


Exhibit “B”

Identified Target Locations

Pharmacy List

  • Farma Norte 30 Locations around Cucuta
  • Droguerias Inglesa Mercados 18 locations around Cucuta
  • REBAJA No. 17 CUCUTA LA LIBERTAD Cl. 18 #13-7
  • Rebaja Plus Av. 0 #10-14
  • Rebaja No. 7 Cucuta Mercado La Sexta Avenida 5 #6-2
  • Rebaja No. 12 Cucuta Aeropuerto Cl. 15 #1127
  • REBAJA No. 1 CUCUTA ALEJANDRIA Avenida 6 #8-6
  • REBAJA No. 6 CUCUTA National Palace Avenida 4 #7-47
  • Drogueria La Rebaja Calle 6 Aveninda 5 #6-02, Latino
  • Drogas La Rebaja San Luis Cl. 19 #4:23
  • Droguería Coromoto
  • Droguería Guasimales
  • Droguería Caracas Av 5 con Calle 9 Esquina Centro
  • Drogueria Americana Cll 10 # 4-09 Centro
  • Drogueria Mz 5 Lote 13, 1er etapa

Grocery stores list

  • Supermercados Betel Chapinero

    • Calle 1 # 1-89 Ceiba Av 3 # 7AN-05
    • Antonia Santos Calle 17 #52-01
    • Callejón Av 9 #2-59
    • Av Libertadores Calle 4N 15AE-8
    • Los patios Calle 10 # 18-94
    • Prados del Este Av 8 #5-46
  • Supermercado Punto y Fama

    • Calle 9N # 9E -124
    • Barrio Guaimaral Calle 9 con Av 6 Centro
  • Supermercado Merkgusto

    • Avenida 0 0-65 Lleras Calle 4AN 15A – 89 Cúcuta
    • Avenida 6E 9-11 Cúcuta CLL 2N # 9E-40
  • Cúcuta Supermercado Los Montes Av 6 7-39 Centro


Hi @CryptoKohn,

thank you for your extraordinary proposal. It really impressed me! I must admit I’ve prayed for better situation in this region for a long time. Thank you for being so kind and want to help people who suffer!

Nevertheless your budget isn’t small amount and I have to discuss it with leadership. Please give me some time. I’ll give you a feedback very soon.

Have a great day!:+1:

Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Seems a wonderful proposal to me. I really hope this gets taken in consideration :slight_smile: