Proposal Community Engagement and Marketing


Hi my name is Neil, I’m an Australian who has been involved with ZenCash since the start, during which early days I spent countless days volunteering with community engagement. I propose to spend officially approximately two days per week handling Zen social media accounts, particularly Reddit, Bitcointalk, Steemit and Twitter. I intend to most likely spend more time than this unoficially. Many great volunteers already contribute on the Slack, and I intend to make sure that’s going fine too. Additionally, I intend to increase brand awareness through other channels above and beyond text-based posts in the above platforms, to include other forms of media, for example YouTube and publications.

For more detail see my full proposal in Google Docs:


Awesome Neil, it’s been great having you part of the community from the beginning! Looking forward to formalizing some of that and also to have you help build our Aussie / NZ presence. We’re working on bringing on a couple other guys there to initiate the team…your experience with the project from the start will add a lot of value.