[Proposal] Attendance at the Scottish Blockchain Meetup


Enclosed is my proposal relating to my recent post in the Ideas sub.

Scottish Blockchain Meetup Proposal

I might record a video on the day as a bit of an added bonus however if I do, I don’t intend to charge for producing and then uploading it to YouTube.

Feel free to contact me should you require any further information.



Hi Rowan,

Am i invited to go there and drink a pint with you guys :beers: ?

Thank you for submitting the proposal, we’ll get back to you shortly.



That is a very reasonable proposal. Thank you for offering your time to do this!

I’ve had a chance to talk with the other team members and we will fund your proposal for the cost that you requested of 15 ZEN.

If you have a chance to do a presentation, perhaps the one that I did recently at the Texas Bitcoin Conference might make a good starting point for you. You should be able to download it here - I made it in LibreOffice, so if you user powerpoint you might need to make some adjustments:

Please let me know when you have completed the activities and make sure you request payment - there is a lot of things going on and sometimes I forget what I should be doing or have committed to do.




Excellent, thanks Rolf and yes of course, everyone is welcome, Gustavo.

Jane asked that I put together some sort of flyer to hand out at the event so I spent a bit of time putting the below together earlier today. It’s just a very rough first pass and Jane has already requested an editable copy so she can make a few tweaks. Feel free to suggest any changes you’d like me to make. I’ll circulate a final copy before going to print.

First pass ZenCash flyer

As for a presentation, i’ll definitely prepare a slide deck in case I get the opportunity to talk to a decent sized group. Thanks for sharing your slides. I tried hunting around for them earlier so I could plagiarise some stuff for the flyer but couldn’t see them on the Texas Bitcoin Conference site. They’ll definitely save me some time!



Hi Rowan,
i would like to help you in production of the video, e.g. i can create a small teaser or trailer
or full editing (might be problematic due to file size). Furthermore i will and can help in sharing
your video after its online, e.g. facebook groups, german slack.
Thanks for your proposal and cheers


Excellent! Thanks very much.


Right, i’ve added some instructions so that people know how to get their hands on some free Zen (as requested by Jane) and rejigged a few things to try to make it look a bit cleaner.

Zencash Flyer Ver2

What does everyone think?


I think that flyer is AWESOME!

I could have used some of those in Austin, and I think we could use some in Bogota written in English, Spanish (@zenchick) and Portuguese (@rocket)


Sweet. Glad you like it!

I’m no designer but I do enjoy messing about with stuff like this so I’m more than happy to tweak it to suit any other upcoming events.

Just shout and I’ll get it sorted.


@Rowan - would love to go along, but you are too far north from where I am in England…

I noticed though that you have a mid-sized mining operation - what kind of size is it? Am doing something similar south of the border and haven’t found many people in UK doing similar… PM if you’d prefer to respond that way - if not, good luck next week!


Always good to hear about another local(ish) mining operation!

Feel free to contact me anytime you like on [email protected] if you’d like a chat about what I do.

I’ll be creating an online blog in the near future (inspired by @Blockops kick ass blog) as i’m a firm believer in open sourcing and sharing everything I learn as time goes on.

I’m currently looking at a few other events down south early next year so i’ll maybe be able to catch you at one of them.


Apologies for the slight delay in posting a wash up of how the event went, I’ve been waiting for a link to the presentations but it hasn’t yet been distributed so I thought I should provide an interim post with some pictures taken by the event organisers.

The event alternates between Glasgow and Edinburgh, this one was held in the Glasgow City College which is an awesome space:

All in all, it was a great evening with a really good turnout (~55 people).

Here’s a couple of the guys from MBN Solutions who sponsored the event:

And here’s the majority of the crowd listening to the presentations by Ronin Sandford (Etherplay) and Nick Lambert (Maidsafe):

In the 3 hours that the event ran for, I was able to get around a good number of people to talk about ZenCash in a fair bit of detail. Most either hadn’t heard of it, or had only heard the name so it was good to be able to start from scratch with an explanation of what Zen is all about. There were a couple of people who were brand new to crypto, so explaining how absolutely everything works was good fun.

A few pics of the beer and pizza networking after the presentations, I’m the guy with the blue checked shirt and enormous beak:

A surprising number of the people I spoke to had Apple phones which made distributing Zen a little more difficult than I originally expected. Whats wrong with Android?! That being said, I let everyone know that the iOS wallet is close and gave a few people my contact details so that once they had setup a Swing wallet, I could ping them some Zen to get them going.

In total, there are now 10 new Zen addresses out in the wild which I guess isn’t bad for 3 hours work. There are still a couple of people that are yet to come back to me with addresses so the number may rise but I’m reasonably happy with 10 for now.

I’ll post a link to the presentations when it becomes available.

Next steps:

Attend the next event in Edinburgh to continue reppin’ Zen.
Secure a presentation slot at the next available event (likely January however awaiting confirmation)



Excellent report, @Rowan, Congrats on the country lead