Pretty sure I just lost all 1300 of my Zen


Pretty sure I just lost all 1300 of my Zen. Been playing with bitcoin since 2012 and have had dozens of coins and I’ve never screwed up until now. Going through a custody battle with the ex and I’m so stressed already… I sent my coins to a new wallet a few days ago to my new laptop running ubuntu on the arizen wallet. When I played around with arizen before I saw that we entered a user name and password – and assumed (you know what happens we assume) that meant we didn’t need to keep the backup! Similar to Monero or Jaxx, the wallet would be reestablished. I installed Kubunu desktop the next day and it screwed up my ubuntu somehow so I reinstalled straight Kubuntu - but on my second hard drive. Unfortunately I reformatted the hard drive that had arizen on it using gparted (or the kubuntu equivalent. What are my chances of being able to recover the wallet file (I should add that the hard drive was fully encrypted). I am pretty sure its zero, but I’m not a techie, just been using ubuntu for years now. I don’t need a suicide hotline, I understand the risk of crypto… any input is appreciated.
When I kept getting invalid username or password I new I had screwed up :frowning:


Have you tried any of the commercially available recovery software? Repartitioning or reformatting a drive does not mean your data is immediately lost. If the 1300 ZEN is significant for you (not sure to who it would not be) what you should do immediately is unplug the drive and discontinue its use until you have a solid game plan for recovery.


Hi There

If you contact us at we can guide you through using a recovery suite.
As Falsealarm said do not do anything with the drive, leave the machine off.

Raise a ticket within support and I will ensure the right person comes to give you some help.




Please keep us posted how it goes.

Fingers crossed for ya buddy.