POW/POS hybrid, for real 51% resistance


Here is the idea:

500 zen is actually a stake. (As in, “at stake”)
-Stake address must sign a message consenting to being a staking address.
-Stake cannot be moved until (7? days) after supernode is stopped. (How ever long we would need to find and analyze a 51% attack)
-Stake would only be destroyed if the node is a part of a 51% or other clear network attack.
-destroying a nodes stake would be a manual process (Needs more thought)

After each block is mined, all supernodes release their own signature of that block, the SuperSig.
The SuperSig of the last block is included in the next block.
The SuperSig must not come from the same node more than once every X blocks.
If there are 100 super nodes, maybe x=51, so you need 51% hash power and 51% of supernodes.
Maybe allow an empty SuperSig after some amount of time, So when the most poupular VPS host goes down the whole network doesn’t stop. (This probably is not be nessasary)

Miners simply take the first valid SuperSig they get,(Because they can’t start mining the next block until they have one)
the supernode is rewarded maybe 1% of the block reward. (We could optionally drop supernode payments to 9% to keep them at 10% of the total)
This incentives SuperNodes to have fast low latency internet.

So now, if you want to mine in secret, instead of just having your ~9zen mining reward at stake per block,
you now have 500 zen for each block you secretly mined at stake.

Exchanges can now safely verify any deposit under 5000 zen in 10 blocks.
But for a 50,000 zen deposit, you should wait 100 blocks (or 51 blocks if x=51 from above).