Persistent Error with Swing Wallet


Anyone else experiencing this error? It first popped up about a day ago and keeps coming back frequently after every restart.

com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller$WalletCallException: Error response from wallet: error: couldn’t connect to server: EOF reached (code 1)
(make sure server is running and you are connecting to the correct RPC port)

at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.executeCommandAndGetSingleStringResponse(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.executeCommandAndGetSingleStringResponse(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.executeCommandAndGetJsonValue(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.executeCommandAndGetJsonArray(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.getWalletPublicTransactions(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel.getTransactionsDataFromWallet(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel.access$600(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel$5.gatherData(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel$5.gatherData(
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DataGatheringThread.doOneGathering(


Do I need to ask this on Discord?


Hi @Falsealarm,

I’m not familiar with Swing wallet but I talked to our engineers and they told me it would be better to create a ticket on ZenHelp. Many people are still on vacation and the communication is not so fluent. Sorry about that.

Thank you very much for using Forum.

Have a perfect day.

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The following documents are useful in troubleshooting this kind of problem:


I ran a full rescan but I am having the same issue with the same error message.


Rescanning may not be enough to fix the issue. Re-indexing is often required, as well as making sure the wallet version is recent/up to date.


Yes, the wallet version is up to date. The rescan was ran after a reindex.


If the error persists even after reindexing, the zend logs need to be examined for clues. zend that is automatically started by the wallet, stores its logs at locations:

Linux:    ~/.zen/debug.log, 
Windows:  %APPDATA%/Zen/debug.log
macOS:   ~/Library/Application Support/Zen/debug.log