Peer count is below minimum


Hi I cant get my new Secure Node online as it says I have a Compliance Exception with number of peers.
Connections: 1 is below min of 8

What is the problem with my node, and how do I fix it?

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Node: 99851 9033
Server: home: current:
System: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2609 v2 @ 2.50GHz 4 cores
Versions: zen: 2001450 tracker: 0.3.1
Added: Tue, 14 Aug 2018 12:46:32 GMT
Updated: Fri, 17 Aug 2018 10:30:08 GMT
Cert Valid: true
State: up - Check Exceptions


I’d guess you have a connect= statement in your zen.conf?
If you want to add specific nodes as peers but still allow automatic discovery and connection to further nodes, use addnode=

zen-cli help will give you some info on commands.

Finally, the forum is the slowest way to get help with issues like that - you can use Discord or the help desk to get things sorted faster.


Hi @Tobbe,

I must admit @nikmit is right. Since we’ve had ZenHelp, it’s the easiest way to open a ticket and add print screens and any additional info. ZenHelp is available 24/7 and the support is provided by English native speakers (so no worries, no language problems) who have been deeply involved in the project.

If you still need a help, please, feel free to contact me.

@nikmit thank you for your help :+1:

Have a great day :sunny:

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Thank you for your support and info.
I´ll try contackting ZenHelp instead.