Payment Schedule for Secure Nodes


I’m fairly new to ZenCash and set up my first secure node last week. What is the schedule for payments to secure nodes? I have not been able to find this information other than some posts dated in January that suggest payments were being sent manually by the dev team on Mondays. Are payouts still being made on a weekly basis now that we are in May?

I received one payment of ~0.025 Zen two days ago. I had expected to receive more zen than that after using a secure node payout calculator with 11.8K nodes as the input given that my secure node was running for a week and (I believe) passing challenges the entire time.


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thank you for your question. I’ve already asked our excellent expert for an answer. I believe that he responses you soon.

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The earnings period is based on 576 blocks which is about a 24 hour period. Payouts are once a week, usually Sunday or Monday. More information about secure node criteria and payments can on the About page of the secure node tracking servers

You can get some community help in Discord:

You can also submit a support ticket at with your specific questions.