Outreach, Marketing, and Decentralized Community Building - Money N.O.W. Network


Proposal for Community Outreach and Marketing Content Creation for Money N.O.W Network- Part 1
See In Google Docs Here
The team would consist of 4-8 participants, depending on budget and how quickly we could make arrangements.

Sommer Sherwood Lauren Slade - Project Team Leaders/Organizers
Alyse Sherwood - Team Assistant
Omar Bham - Crypt0 - Lead Content Creator
Elle Marie w/ Crypt0’s News - Assistant Content Creator
Kenn Bosak - Content Creator - The Bitcoin Podcast, Bitcoin Talk, and The Nightly Crypto Show on YouTube
Barry Dutton - Content Creator

Over the next month our team can attend several events. This proposal will focus on Austin, TX -
A mecca for cryptocurrency users and the birthplace of Swarm City ( formerly known as Arcade City ) - It has a decent sized number of people there who are currently transacting in crypto.

Using mainly Facebook groups and #needaride hashtags, community members are getting things done! Our grassroots marketing approach introduces people to crypto through an EXPERIENCE not just an explanation…

Over the next 30-90 days, we plan to revitalize the Swarm City Meetups and expand our outreach in the community - Both locally and globally.

The first event planned is a Decentralized Crypto Art Show on Friday, July 28, 2017.
Here’s a link to the meetup group - which we can also use to collect user data and help future outreach….

The Austin Live Music and Art Shows Meetup Group is organized by Lauren Slade, and will have 3 artists on display who are accepting payment in Bitcoin. It is the first in a series of meetup in Austin, and focuses on the introduction of a decentralized, free market and the basics of transacting in cryptocurrency.

This type of event creates opportunity to educate about ZenCash, open up new wallets, and make connections. We are able to engage with attendees on-site at the event, record interviews, do livestream/chats.
Overall this will produce some unique and organic content to share on social media and promote future events/meetups.
( Long-Term Goal is to host our own UN-Conference )

While in Austin, we will also look for ways to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency including ZenCash by using rideshare services and reaching out to our community in the area.

We propose to encourage continued participation in the Ecosystem by offering bounties and rewards for certain activities. Opportunities for EVERYONE should be the goal - not just devs or super technical people - but those with unique abilities that would otherwise be perceived as handicapped -

Some examples for consideration…

Unsung.org - With Swarm City #NeedARide - Right now feeding the homeless and delivering donated toiletries, blankets, clothes, etc - Why not offer educational courses or present ways they could start earning crypto?

Younique Abilities - Autism Spectrum - People in this category can work from home and earn crypto by crafting unique products to be sold online through their website. Right now they’re making keychains, t-shirts, artwork, etc. Now we can help to market this through our network.

Here’s an idea of the types of Meetups and Events we had in mind for our first proposal-

Saturday - Sunday July 29- 30, 2017 - Two-Day Hack-A-Thon and Meetup in Austin Tx


Prize is $5k - #ExpeditionHacks - This event received mainstream news coverage recently on Fox 7 News - t.co/4LeiWnUo4U

Buy tickets and get more info here…

Sunday July 30, 2017 - Bitcoin and CryptoFinance General Meeting and Networking Party
At Spiderhouse meetu.ps/c/15g4C/z3yMN/f
2908 Fruth Street Austin, TX 78705

Our Community Partners Include…

Swarm City - Peer-to-Peer services and marketplace with existing users online and right now in a relatively small number of cities. ( about a dozen )
The swarm uses Hashtags to promote what’s trending in our community on social media. They’re similar to slogans or logos - Great to use as designs on merchandise like t-shirts, keychains, crypto hardware accessories, etc.
Hashtags are also a way to track rewards, bounties, ideas/proposals/events, etc…

CryptoHWwallet.com - Brand Ambassadors and Refer-A-Friend Affiliate Campaign. We propose to combine resources to set-up at events and meetups. We suggest a kiosk, booth or something similar to meet/greet everyone, display merchandise/art, sell t-shirts,hats, keychains, etc. Also attractive to crypto savvy folks since their website is one-stop shopping for crypto hardware wallets and accessories.

AIRBITZ Team / Global Campaign Recruiting Brand Ambassadors & Refer-A-Friend Affiliates. Encourage the community to add their business or freelance services to the app’s merchant directory, become an ATM operator, or take advantage of the discounted gift cards purchased through the app.

CORION Platform - Decentralized wallet, marketplace, exchange built on ETC blockchain.

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PROPOSAL - Money NOW Network - Texas Bitcoin Conf. After Party

This looks great, thanks for submitting the proposal! What were you guys thinking in terms of resources?

You have a great team assembled. Maybe it’d be best for us to do a monthly budget you guys can use to work your magic however you think best?

We’re in process of squaring away the budget for this coming year, so we’ll have a better idea shortly about what we can afford.


I agree, I think a monthly budget would be ideal. It gives us enough time to plan the agenda and coordinate getting the word out…And also allows for us to evaluate our progress with a weekly follow-up report including marketing analytics from social media - as well as feedback from meetups, number of new wallets opened, merchants & service providers listed, etc…

I’m working on pooling resources, donations and outside sponsorships from several projects who are similarly aligned with those of ZenCash. And definitely looking for ways to generate income that can be reinvested to fund future outreach, as well as give back to decentralized charitable organizations such as Unsung.org, Younique Abilities ( which is located in Austin, TX by the way lol ), and Giveth.io.


Awesome well i’ve already sent this to others to check out, but this is exactly the kind of grassroots stuff we’d love to get going.


Awesome, we’re getting everything ready on our end in the meantime…

The first Meetup in Austin had over 200 people in attendance and over 50 new people joined the group! And that’s on super short notice lol - the meetup group was created about 2 days before the event. :slight_smile:


It’s been about 6 months since we started doing these Decentralized Art events.
We’ve learned so much and had a blast - big thanks to Zen community for all your support.

Our next event is coming up in Miami, FL - - January 19 after the Bitcoin Conference. We’re expecting about 300 people in attendance, please help us get the word out if you can! https://steemit.com/interview/@kennethbosak/live-interview-tonight-10pm-est-with-lauren-slade-of-decentralized-art-shows

Thank you all!


We haven’t been paid for our event from OCTOBER - when can we expect payment??? Everyone on the team is really upset, thank you


Thanks for highlighting @Itsmee.Bosslady

Firstly let me apologise for not being in the loop with this one, I’m trying to play catchup.

I’ve had a good read through this thread and the other one you posted a link to over on Discord but I’m struggling to find our acceptance of your proposal. Can you drop me a PM with your understanding of our acceptance along with your accomplishments (RE: ZenCash exposure) from the event itself, please?

We obviously need to get this sorted for you ASAP but we also have a responsibility to ensure that we’re spending community funds in an appropriate manner.

Look forward to speaking with you soon.


Heyy sure thank you, will do!