Opinion - How Bitcoin is more than 21 million max supply bec the altcoins are also Bitcoins ( they can change face)

From this month to May halving of Bitcoin, only wash-trades can move the price bec Bitcoin failed to rally the masses to FOMO and join in. The current 9K value will stagnate and so as the overall coinmarket capital.
Looking at how they set the Litecoin price before their last halving, it took them more than 5 months in advance to engineer the price but to only to settle half of the $120 high.

It is the Miners did this pump bec. Bitcoin failed to take the masses to FOMO, affecting the price to decline.

The miners needed to do everything they can to control the price of Bitcoin at a certain level so they pumped the price to the current 9K price now so that they dont lose money from the venture capital they spent on equipments, mining rigs and electric expenses to support the strongest hashrate that they created.

Altcoins needs to create catalysts to move the market in the upward direction bec Bitcoin needs help.

Bitcoin can not do it alone.

Bitcoin is down at 8.7K, it broke the 8.9K support to the down side.

For now, Nodes are supporting Zen.

I think 8.5K price for Bitcoin is a good cost average buying opportunity but 7.5K is even better.

The coming Bitcoin Halving in May, may not have any effect. It is too late for the few percent left out of the 18 million that has been mined to be a catalyst for a price action.

It is now up to the Whales in the Futures Market to push buttons whether the price goes up or down.