Online game tournament - rewards in ZenCash

hi Guys , English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes

My idea is really easy :most of minor miners are young and gamers, if you’re able to involve
them to use Zencash you automatically increase your base of active users ,zencash coin
circulation , wallets usage , internet feedbaks …
Every kind of game can be used . You need to involve the gaming communityes and
create gaming tournamentes ,gadgets and merchandising .Obviously subscriptions must
be made in Zen and of course rewards will be in Zen .
I don’t know if this rule is valid for all the world but for example here in Italy you have to
pay taxes if the prize is payed Euros , using Zen ,which is not an official coin ,you solve
this kind of problem .
Depends on the game and base of users . More important will be the final prize and more
you will be able to create viral discussions about the tournament .
I can check but this is going to take me some time . Before it i want to know what do you
think about it

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