Not your keys, not your ZEN

Get this [Limited Edition] Horizen CoolWallet S – Bluetooth Hardware Crypto Wallet with 10% off! Only available at Horizen Store!


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Testing the Limited Edition of #Horizen #CoolWallet S (Part 1)


Test Scenarios:

#1: Initial Setup and Firmware Upgrade
#2: Exchange ZEN for USDT via #Changelly
#3: Send and Receive ZEN

Nitpicky Feedback Lists (with score deduction):

  1. In the Exchange function, there’s no “MAX” button for the amount to be exchanged, so I had to key-in the values manually. (-0.25/10)

  2. The amount to be received was not the actual amount. Instead of 99.30 USDT, I only received 94.10 USDT. I would suggest the approx. final amount to be shown before the final confirmation page. (-0.25/10)

  3. I’d love to see ZEN on the card’s display instead of XRP! Suggest to make it flexible for the users to choose which coins to be displayed on CoolWallet S card’s display. Afterall this is the limited edition of Horizen card right? (-2/10)

  4. Again… I want more flexibility in choosing which coins to be displayed in the app! Some of these coins are in the list by default and the app doesn’t seem to allow me to remove them. (-0.5/10)

  5. I wish there will be multiple seed phrase and multiple account management support in upcoming firmware release! (-0.5/10)

Overall it’s still an amazing hardware wallet! Love the convenient of not having to type in PIN no. using two buttons everytime to sign and verify the transactions lol! The wallet and the bluetooth pairing are super fast too, I think this wallet is best for doing a secure and fast transaction like paying at counter. I’d give 6.5/10 for the simple and cool design and easy to use! However, I’d definitely will increase the score if the nitpicky items in the list above gets checked.

You can get this wallet only from the official Horizen store. 10% off good through December 2019!

Part 2 will be on testing the nodes payout withdrawal. Stay tuned!

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