Name Horizen's New Flagship App & Win Free Merchandise!


We are really excited to release a new flagship product in November, and we’d love for our community to provide inputs for an awesome name!

The winner will receive $50 in store credit to shop in the Horizen Store!


Our new product will be a launching point for ZEN services. To start, the product will support both transparent and private transactions. It is, however, not just a wallet. This is a multifunctional app that will also provide features like secure messaging. In addition, this app will continue to grow and add new functionalities in the near feature.

The initial release will include:

  • Wallet component for full client, lite client, web, paper
  • Secure messaging component


  • Managing Horizen Secure / Super Nodes
  • Multi-Currency Wallet
  • Human readable addresses
  • Advanced Wallet Features
  • User-Friendly MultiSig support

Tips: When naming the product, please consider that having currency specific words like “vault”, ”pay” or “wallet” can be detrimental to the products future growth. We don’t want people to associate this app with just sending/receiving funds because the app is much more – it is the start of an entire suite of services.

Best of luck and may the games begin! :grinning:

Source: The original blog post can be read here.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen