Myzenwallet online wallet


As a coin that strives to be super user friendly, we should build out a simple online wallet like MyEtherWallet.

Basic requirements:

  • Security is the biggest priority
  • Private keys should remain entirely on the client side
  • No private info is sent across the network
  • Random values should be derived from a cryptographically secure standard

Anything else to add that I’m missing?

MyEtherWallet equilavent for zencash
Client side wallet like Myetherwallet for zencash?

I’m interested in this :slight_smile:


This could also simplify hardware wallet support if it’s made like myEtherWallet where you can store private keys on a Trezor or Ledger nano


Saw this in slack:, made by @kendricktan


Yup that’s the wallet @kendrick has been building. Very excited for it. Next up we need a hardware wallet, as well as some mobile options.


If anyone wants to have a go and try and break it:


I spoke with Joseph from last night, and he’s excited to partner with us to get ZEN integrated with the top HW wallets asap…
We thought we would personally invite them to help us make this happen, and offer some free marketing in the form of cross-promotion for their products at the same time…
Any thoughts or further suggestions along this line?


Very nice, just gave it a spin and of course worked. Will link a miner to it here shortly!


that’s awesome @Itsmee.Bosslady …we’re currently working on Ledger integration, but the more hardware wallets the better. I’d like to hear his perspectives and see if there’s a way we can collaborate.

love the initiative!