MyEtherWallet equilavent for zencash


Following up on this post: Myzenwallet online wallet. My proposal is that we fork bitcoinjs-lib and modify it to suit zencash’s needs. That way we have a JavaScript based library that can perform the core tasks like creating private and public addresses and we can build any application on top of it.

Everything will still be generated entirely on the client side, so the private keys are never send across the network. The only time data needs to be send across the network is during fund checking / transaction sending so it needs to be connected to a node.


Sounds great @kendrick …security is the most important part of this project. I’m all for moving forward on this.


I will recommend to instead look at the Waves lite wallet, I think its approach is more secure and minimalist.


we’ve been meaning to integrate into the Waves platform for far too long…need to re-engage with those guys…


They’re on the new EDGE mobile wallet now…