Moving from full wallet to arizen


I have my full wallet on my desktop and i’m wanting to move to arizen. The problem is on the create account screen when i browse my computer files and go to where my wallet.dat file is the arizen browser says there is nothing there. I’m not sure what do to.



Arizen has different kind of “wallet file” (in case of Swing this is wallet.dat). It is encrypted and it is in form of .awd so you cannot import your wallet.dat file from swing wallet into Arizen.

But you can Export or Import private keys.

Export PK srom swing (with funds)

Then import in Arizen wallet - only T addresses are supported.


Here are links to Arizen user manual.

Whatever you do please do not expose publicly (private keys, wallet.dat) and always make copies on safe locations!!!


Another my suggestion is to try out our new wallet.

Sphere by Horizen (beta)