More info about Horizen's Sidechains

More info about Horizen’s Sidechains

Horizen Sidechain Model

Decoupled Consensus Between Chains

Sidechains in more detail here:

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As we are getting closer and closer to our next sidechain dev milestone, more and more conversations occur between our community and the team in the Horizen social groups.
Check out this interesting Q&A series about Horizen Sidechains that took place on the Horizen Telegram group

Horizen is designing Sidechains and a Sidechain SDK to allow developers and enterprises to quickly and affordably spin up their own blockchains. Our next sidechain engineering milestone is just days away!

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One of the big advantages of our sidechain system (what we’re starting to internally call a “SNARK-enabled shielded pool”) is that there’s a natural firewall in that only ZEN committed to a sidechain can ever be at risk; no sidechain error can affect the broader ecosystem.

But what’s for sure true is that the system enables a lot more experimentation and I’m sure there will be plenty of botched experiments

We’re releasing a sidechain SDK that makes the process of deploying and building sidechains much easier, so that should reduce a huge potential set of errors in launching your own chain

The brave devs who choose to build their own chains without our SDK have the difficult job of figuring out security and stable consensus on their own, but we at least provide the tools should they choose to use them
Robert Viglione

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Horizen Sidechain Alpha is taking decentralization to the architectural level. Learn more about this major project milestone from our co-founder Rob Viglione and Dir. of R&D, Alberto Garoffolo:

Our Academy is also a nice starting point for learning more about Sidechains and Horizen.

“Part of the designing method we use at Horizen is to make sure that every person or organization that’s participating has economic incentives to participate” Learn more about the economics behind Horizen Sidechains with Rolf Versluis.

Horizen Sidechains - The Cross-chain Transfer Protocol

Horizen Sidechains - Sidechain Alpha SDK Demo

I think there’s another one… the first ever sidechain node demo video! Thanks for compiling all the sidechain related videos here @MedaR !

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