Mining rig 6 GPU..HELP!


Those settings give me that crazy error with failed library


let me try and redo the drivers. because yesterday i had a newer version then what you sent me and I was able to see 4 cards in the device manager


Go to settings/boot/ boot mode select and change it to UEFI instead of ‘legacy + UEFI’.


should I unplug all but 1 gpu, or leave those 3 in and reinstall drivers?


okay I will try that, one sec


i’d leave just the 1 in.

also check out this video, this guy i belive does a walkthrough for this exact mobo


I tried his walkthrough and I had no luck. Trying the UEFI didn’t work either :frowning: . I will try new drivers and get back to you!


If you do get frustrated with windows and just want to get to mining. You can always just load SMOS on a usb drive . It’s what i personally use. I found windows too frustrating to deal with. Also allows for very easy remote monitoring. Vosk has a good video on it.

It has far less issues than windows, since you don’t need to worry about drivers.


You would still need to get all hardware operational first, which is my problem. However, persona I just found 3 of my pci risers are faulty. I had a hunch that it could be that. So I unplugged 2 of my working risers and connected 1 by 1 the last 3…1 of the cards never showed up and 2 of the cards show error number 43 with the triangle! So maybe it isn’t a driver or bios setting at all!!! I am ordering new ones right now!!!


At least we isolated the issue! I guess while waiting on the 3 risers you can get all the software set up and start mining. :slight_smile:


I like this option brother! I think I might actually use this when I get my new pci risers!


I think I will do windows for now, since I already purchased the software lol. But i will set up the miner now and at least start mining with 3 gpu’s…better than nothing right?! I have another miner I will build and I will use this new option!


Sounds good, just post here if you have issues with them when the other risers arrive. I imagine with the trouble shooting steps above and with son of a tech’s video you should be able to get them working with a bit of tinkering.

Happy Mining!


You got it brother. I will definitely message you if I have issues. Thanks for all the help Persona!!!


Hey Persona. I just wanted to let you know that I received my new risers today and after installing each card, all six are operational now! I didn’t even have to change my settings: I got it on gen1, 32 for latency, and 4g enabled…the only odd thing is, that even though the bios setting says the video output is onboard, when I add a 4th video card, the motherboard forces video to the video card after the bios boots…other than that everything is great! Thank you very much for your help!!


Glad to hear it! :smiley: