Mining Pools available at launch


The pools in the link below should be available right at launch.

Zen Mining Pools List

I recognize that site :wink:

Any pool ops that want to get their site added just use the form on the list or send me a private message here. I’ll be happy to add you. Usually within 24 hours.


Please put your Zen mining pool in this forum. Whatever information you think is useful. Information from this thread will be used to update the Bitcointalk thread and ZenCash website


Crypto Broker Mining Pool -

  • Anonymous Mining
  • SSL/TLS Port & Standard Port
  • VarDiff (Variable Difficulty)
  • 1% Fee
  • Earn 20% of the mining pool fee for referring miners - Referral Program


BitFire is an EU based Mining pool for ZenCash.
Our custom front end provides most information available & more features coming soon.

Pool Information:

  • Pool Fee: 1%
  • TLS Mining: Enforced
  • Minimal Payout: 0.1 ZEN
  • Payout Rewards: PPLNT
  • Anonymous Mining

Useful links:
Getting Started:
Bitcoin Talk:
Zen Forum: [POOL] BitFire Mining Pool


Well, launch came and went, and it was crazy! Now that we’re past that, please use the Mining Pools thread for all new pools.