Milestone Request. Listing on a Major Exchange in Every Region

Hi all,

@finpunk it looks like you are the most active on the forums so I’m tagging you.

If we look at our current listings, we are only on a few exchanges with Bittrex being 96% + of the volume. This is currently our bottle neck to adoption, and is also a single point of failure.

To reach a larger and diverse audience and to diversify our risk, we should figure out which exchanges we should target next. The first logical place is to look at where our other z brothers are listed. zcash being the big daddy of z coins.

I prioritized the size and location of the exchange in making the below short list. We want to be a global currency so we need to be listed on a major exchange in every region.

1 Bitfinex (British Virgin Islands?)
2 HitBTC (Europe)
3 Bit-Z (Hong Kong)
4 Binance (Japan)
5 Bithumb (South Korea)

Zencash has the most potential, best tech, and most importantly the best governance out of all the z coins. An important milestone will be to become a globally listed and adopted coin.

I was looking on the Trello and didn’t see any cards about additional exchange listing. While I understand some of this has to remain private because its privileged information. Perhaps the above exchanges could be captured on a card on Trello so there is public transparency and updates on the status of these applications?


hey @Persona love the suggestion, you’re spot on and diversifying our exchange listings is one of the big things on our to-do…actually have a few listings in the works at various stages, but certainly need to keep pressing hard to move this forward.

It makes little sense to pretend we’re a decentralized project if we have 97% of our trading volume on one exchange :slight_smile:

Also agree with you about adding these kinds of business dev ops to Trello…was thinking of that, as well, just figured we’d start by publishing the tech roadmap first. Will be adding a business dev and marketing Trello boards at a minimum, but def open to other suggestions.

Thanks for putting this together! This thread is a good start to list the exchanges we should be reaching.