Merge Mining to reduce threat of 51% attack?


Given what has recently happened to Bitcoin Gold, does ZenCash have any plans to make itself merge mineable with another currency? Doing so would allow coins with block rewards (in USD) to pool their security and make a sustained 51% attack more difficult. We’ve already seen Bittrex increase their required confirmations to 150. What is the plan to solve this existential problem?

While I know ZenCash is planning to fork to become ASIC resistant, this fork isn’t likely to address the underlying problems experienced by Bitcoin Gold.


May be in new fork make 2 things:
1)often auto-changes algo (max frequency!)
2)use new version of blockchain: long-work miners must have bigger percent of “vote of blockchain”, newer - shortly. (weight coefficients). its good idea for struggle of ASIC and attack 51% (it’s will be very expensive)

Please sorry my bad english.


Wanted to bump this as “account” didn’t get to the heart of the matter.
Now that we have suffered the 51% attack that I predicted, why doesn’t ZenCash make a change that allows us to merge mine with ZCash and/or other Equihash currencies?