Meetups in costa rica proposal idea


Dear Community,

I wanted to introduce an idea here in the forum about having ZenCash meetups in Costa Rica.
We are creating a crypto-space in Costa Rica devoted to educate in BlockChain and Crypto for free for the Costa Rican crypto community.

As a Co-founder of MonkeyCoin Exchange in Venezuela and having the back up office running in Costa Rica we have been exposing ourselves to the Costa Rican public with a lot of interest in the topic this is why we have decided to create the space for meetups where our favorite crypto can have a space to educate our audience.

Having met the Latinamerican Ambassadors in Anarchapulco (Angie and Ruben) , and having several discussions about ZenCash listed in MonkeyCoin Exchange with Rowan and other core team members we proposed this idea on our telegram group. The outcome is to have the idea on this forum in order to explore it and look up for support from the community.

Please share your views in this thread regarding our initiative.




Hi Emilio! this idea sounds great! we need to encourage meetups in other regions of LatAm,

best of lucks with the proposal and if you need any help please let me know. I can help you with the planning of it, costs program and more!




Great! Thanks for the support! All efforts are welcome to make the ZenCash meetups really special and singular. We are building a tribune to arrange 25-30 people, we are arranging to adquire a profesional video beam and other needed infrastructure for the meetups.

It could be great to have ressources to print shirts, stickers and POP materials as well as ZenCash for bounties and giveaway among the participants (unless that you guys can send over these materials if you have them ready). We can think of a basic catering service with coffee, juice, water and few snacks as well. 2 hour meetup twice a month? once a month? weekly? What do you think is best to start with?

As I mentioned, this is an idea exploration and I hope the community gives out inputs in order to make these meetups unique. All comments are welcome and all help as well. We are on early stage here and support is always good.

thanks again @angievii


Hi @octoleaks,

it looks really great from my point of view! :+1: Thank you very much this cool idea​:sunglasses:

Regarding to merchandise and refreshments we can support you, of course. And regarding to amount of meet ups I’d start with something smaller, e.g. 2 meet ups in one month. After these two events we can have a meeting and summarize what was great and where need to put bigger effort, what can be improved, what is the next step how to engage Costa Rican people etc. I mean something like a feedback and exploration of our possibilities on both sides (ZenCash and your team). And then we can extend our contribution :wink:

Many thanks again for awesome idea😊 Thank you @angievii!

Have a perfect day!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Sounds great! I think we have to start with at least 1-2 roll up banners, a nice presentation file in spanish, 40-60 t-shirts, a batch of stickers and the refreshments for the atendees. Is a good start what do you think? @angievii


I think it is great!

I will send you a format for proposals in spanish so you can start filling it and we can help you work on it.

I believe starting in july or august will be good so we can prepare everything with time :slight_smile:

have a great day!