March 2nd Horizen Blockchain Saturday meetup at university of ibadan Nigeria


Greetings to the horizen community.
The blockchain Saturday meet up event at the university of ibadan on which horizen was one of the sponsors was a great success- though we had lots of hiccups and hold backs along the line due to the venue of the event and because of the nations political conditions and dramas, the event was proponed thrice, in order not to collide with the Nigeria general elections, also was shifted ahead of students school resumption for massive turn up, and the last which was the prosponed of the Ng general election to our said meetup date,actually devastated us lol.

This would be the first time the blockchain Saturday organizers shifted a meetup. though our plans didn’t work out all well as students still didn’t resume school 2days before the meetup and we had no choice than to go ahead with it all, which affected 70% of the overall attendance but well it was all great.

On that day, everything happened so fast, and thanks to Rolf Versluis for showing up to explain horizen to us present, before giving my own presentation of how horizen brand isn’t only here to solve and offer us the privacy issues of sending money to one another, anonymously or publicly depends the way the sender want it to be well thanks to the Zk snarks, but also have in mind of creating privacy apps/features which would actually give us the full control of our footprints with some features example as a case studies some which were the

  • ZenChat
  • Zenpub
    I explained to them what if a steemit kind of app is deployed to the horizen side chain :thinking:, how it all look like, well its all privacy set on and off, how you want to control you digital and social life.

I tried explaining to them that in a world where the government are not transparent enough to the people, and with centralized governing body, privacy is for sure a certain thing, privacy is freedom and freedom is life.

Also explained to those present about the Dao process of horizen and thanks to Rob viglione video furthering explaining why the zencash currency mission was aborted into a whole new game changing mission, behold the brand “horizen” was born to not act only as a privacy coin or give us full control of our digital properties but a privacy blockchain platform where great privacy features could be integrated into it.
It was all fun like the previous meet up we organized.

The fun part for me was, i usually present a lot of blockchain projects on many occasions of several meet up and before i make a presentation, i would ask the crowd if anybody knows about the project, well nobody knew about Horizen at the event, and i was happy i was the one who actually introduced them to know about it, doesn’t mean anything for you but to me lol, Any persons i introduce to a particular projects they don’t know of, i tend to feel proud of my self and I’m greatful to horizen for being one of the sponsor of this edition of the Blockchain Saturday, and until next meetup event. Thank you.


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Excellent! This is really good post thank you for sharing this!


Yeah thank you More :heart:


great job colleague! Keep the good works


Thank you Mustapha, I’m excited, it was fun like all blockchain meetups. appreciated.


Wow! Great post and photos and such a cool meetup! Keep it up!!


Yeah it was… we hope doing it someday again :slight_smile: