Lukas' small development team - Arizen wallet and further


I am Lukas, I hope you know who I am. :grinning:

I would like to start this proposal about my small team:


I am in touch with my two very good friends, they are awesome developers and scientists, they have been watching this project from its beginning. I would like to invite them part-timely to this the most awesome ZEN project:

  1. Petr Neduchal - He is my university classmate, university project coworker, and officemate. He is currently pushing his Ph.D. in cybernetics (robotics and computer vision fields). I have known him more than 9 years. He is proficiency in many programming languages (from C/C++, bash, modern web development, to Python, Matlab etc.).

  2. Jiří Novotný - I know him from my part-time job. He has experience in low-level C/C++ programming (HW drivers, firmware, BSP, etc.) and he is proficiency in modern web development and with Javascript etc. He has MSc degree from Software Development.

They are really fast learners and they can adapt to all development environments.


  1. Arizen - that will be new ZEN wallet - which should completely replace Eleos. It will have this features: nice GUI, login password locally-stored, encrypted wallet.dat file, a light client (no more wait for sync) - this has to be researched if that is possible.

  2. It will have integrated chatting functionality which could be extended to chatting application for one-to-one and one-to-multiple/channel messages - technically that are private transactions only with fee and memos - so they could be off-loaded to Security Node Network.

  3. The features mentioned in 1. would be nice basement point for the iOS and Android wallets applications because the private transactions will be off-loaded to the Security Node Network and this Arizen wallet should work only with little HW resources.

  4. We will get two skilled professionals who could extend our development team. I would like to participate more on Security Node development and I can train them in our core base code. That will lead to better cooperation between endpoint wallets, ZEN daemon, and Security Node Network. The another task where we can heavily contribute could be how to decentralize our Security Node Network v2.0.


  1. 110 ZENs / month / person
  2. 30 ZENs / month for managing and supervising them
    = total 250 ZENs / month

This is long term proposal, that is why it doesn’t contain any deadlines.

All suggestions for improvement this proposal are very welcomed.



Very cool to see a proposal for more dev support, especially with a long term focus. I like that this has short term goals with Arizen + longer term goal of training new devs on our codebase. We should be funding in professional development of a long term workforce.


I like this proposal.


All right, let’s give it a shot and get Arizen started :slight_smile:


Let’s start! :sunglasses: