Lukas' development team 2nd part - extension



I am @lukas, I have been managing/supervising my small development team (@nonghost and @k4chnik). We are now focused on developing Arizen new ZEN wallet with really cool features. You can check the progress on the Github - currently in the development branch. We are near from the release v0.0.2-beta version.

I would like to propose an extension of our team:

Team and Tasks:

I am in touch with another two good friends, they are awesome developer/tester. They have been watching this project really close. I would like to invite them to build the ZEN bigger. Both just wanted to stay anonymous.

The points why I would like to invite them to join the development process of ZENs SW is that when there will be solid development team our project is getting more credibility from publicity and second point is because the development process is faster. Personally, I am feeling lack of dedicated tester in our team on Arizen project - and I will be grateful to have one in my team. Both of proposed person has a degree from a technical university with experiences from dynamic development teams.

The tasks and benefits will be:

  • At the beginning, I would like to teach her/him about ZEN core development and connected SWs. S/he will help us to speed-up the first Arizen’s release.
  • The second and the most important task will be - we need somebody, who will watch ZEC development really closely and will inform us, what is there new, inspect the pieces of code if it is useful for our project and prepare the integration to our core code via PR for useful features.

2.Tester / technical announcer:
The task and benefits will be:

  • As I said we feel lack of dedicated tester in our team. So the main task will be to test the new features before they are merged to the main branch. So most of the bugs will be checked/tested/known/repaired.
  • The second goal is from my personal point of view useful too. Sometimes is really hard to describe the technical progress to non-technical people in a simple way. And that is the goal of what s/he will do.

They are really fast learners and they can adapt to all development environments. The job description could change a little bit during the time, but the main points will remain unchanged.


  • 110 ZENs / month / developer
  • 80 ZENs / month / tester - technicall anouncer
  • 30 ZENs / month for managing and supervising them
    = total 220 ZENs / month

This is the long-term proposal, that is why it doesn’t contain any deadlines.

All suggestions for improvement this proposal are very welcomed.



Thanks for submitting this, @lukas! You’ve done a great job building your team thus far, so i’m happy to see this extension in a way that aligns well with the long term goals of the project. You have my support.


I support this also. One of the things I feel we need is more assistance getting integrated onto additional exchanges, especially decentralized. Maybe there might be some focus on that?


Agreed, i’m also looking at bringing on an intern for business support…exchange outreach is priority #1 for that person.


Thank you for your support. Yes, agree, more support for integration us to new exchanges can be really helpful.


If everybody agree, then our new team-mate can start work :sunglasses:


This is great, more development is always awesome :smiley: