Luckpool Overview & Review - ZenCash Mining with Miner's Jackpot!


Here is my overview and review of Luckpool which is developed, owned, and operated by hellcatz. Luckpool is a equihash mining pool with several coin options to mine most notably their largest pool is the ZenCash/Zen

The interesting twist with is that the miner who finds the actual block on whatever coin they are mining is compensated directly with an additional reward (varies on coin) dubbed the Miner’s Jackpot

Personally I have found 3 blocks on their pool with a ~1700 sols miner and compensated an additional ZenCash for each (in addition to my normal share of the block)

Checkout the full video here


I’ve been pretty happy with Luckcoin. I’ve hit the miners jackpot 3 or 4 times now in the last 2 weeks mining and I’m only pushing about 3 KSols/s according to the pool. My only complaint–and it’s extremely minor–is that I can’t get nheqminer to connect for CPU mining. My cpus across all systems equate to less than 1 gpu but every little bit helps. Confirmed it worked on and suprnova but not interested in moving there. Luckpool has been good to me so I’m not shifting my hashrate.


have you contacted @hellcatz about the issue? he is the man to talk to!


I think it’s so far one of the best pools to mine ZEN, at least if you want to try your luck. I have been mining there since the beginning of July and I have found four blocks. Not bad considering I’m mining with 700sols.