Ledger Nano S support?

Is there any news for this? Progress? Would be nice if we could have Nano S access :smiley:

i’m with you on that, also can’t wait for Ledger availability…the team is working hard, currently in testing mode…best guess now is end of Jan, but you can follow updates here on our roadmap:


yes please…ZEN on Ledger Nano S would be great :wink:


haha agreed and working it! Hopefully end of Jan…


Been quite busy with work. Great news finpunk! I’m only using the Bittrex wallets for now and praying they don’t get hacked.

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Can you please provide an update on Ledger S and Blue ZEN availability now that we’re approaching end of January! Thx.

Sure, we’ll be updating the Trello board soon with an update…